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You’re not cropped out, you’re just my favorite!

28 May

You're not cropped out, you're just my favorite!

Leaving for Arena, remember? The way you laugh, I feel like I am pressing a big red button again and again. When you walk, I feel like a 20 year old tomboy is literally jumping from one end to another… your almond shaped mini eyes, your foxy ears….and your eagerness to wear a loan suit even on welcome party… was unique. On Bon fire, you came to our house, we made you eat Daal ūüėõ but I made a nice coffee huh..? ūüėõ we watched a really beautiful movie together, and spent our rest of the time straightening, and taking pictures. Life was abnormal right?


College days… A hollow Good Bye part 2

27 May

resuming where I left,

I will continue with a legendary random figure I know very well, Sundas Abdul Ghaffar aka Dr. Armaan Malik (My DMG FAN partner)

About Sundas, it would all end on¬†Urdu¬†novels like¬†Amar Beel¬†and¬†Urdu Digest novel¬†stories, and of course, the ultimate DMG passion makes her¬†high lightening. The fact that she writes some stunning piece of poetry which can literally force your heart to praise, is her commendable attribute. She is¬†extremely¬†easy to get along with, ask for help, or even just to walk along with. She wont care how she looks, what impression does she have on people, all she would care about is whether she is being her self or not. I would never forget that you titled me as your Ache Aadmi¬†in Urdu class because you think that I teach things aram say, bilkul maa ki tarah ūüôā =p .Maheen and Areeba are her all time favorite buddies… and yeah! she hates people giving her respect. Long live DMG!

Now its Ms. Maria Tabassum. (Pauuuuoooo…..)

I like her last name, it suits her personality. Tabassum is what beautifies her personality. I would recall one of our XI physics class, Ms. Shereen teaching us Doppler¬†effect, and she instantly asked a question¬†Kaisi awaz ati hay jab ek train ap se door ja rahi hoti hay?¬† There was pin drop silence, no body had to say something and suddenly a voice emerged¬†Paauuuooooooooo everyone turned around to look for that¬†hero¬† and soon we discovered, it was Maria Tabassum =p. Teasing her, is personally my favorite hobby, specially informing the teacher loudly that Maria is reading an¬†Urdu¬†novel in an English class. (haha..) When I was asked about my ¬†Ache aadmi¬†in Urdu class, I calle dout her name, although I¬†wasn’t¬†able to spot that feeling of gladness on her face which I was expecting would appear, but still, just because I love teasing her, and because I am a huge fan or her Paaauuuooo… I would say, Have fun with her =) (and Thanks for loving Enrique in the Dark Shadows).

Ola! Nabeela Siddique.

God I shouted the most on Nabeela Siddique in XI year, I am sorry about that. But for me, Nabeela would have a bank of unanswerable questions =p . You hear her question, and you would feel like zipping up your mouth forever. She would come to me and take appointments for understanding a lot of biology chapters, I remember her crediting me for her good going biology XII exam. That was nice of you. I loved your farewell nazm, almost made me shed tears. You be silly, you be Anokhi... and you be loved and cared!

Hello, Ms. Kiran Ramzan Lalani

p square, lalani… and your famous dialogue¬†Sab samjhte the ke mein shareef hoon, par mujhe saaab samjh ata hay¬† (evil grin) was the most beloved¬†entertainment¬†¬†show, we spent so many of our P.E ¬†periods listening to Nasra school stories. You! Kiran you! would go to Library to search for the meanings of the words you don’t know, not caring about ten’s of people who refuse you from doing that? =p you would be ragged by me, salima and sara at extreme and utmost you would cry like you were laughing in you¬†weirdest mode. But the good part, your extremely good heart. What ever people did to you on the first year project day, and the level of ¬†patience and forgivness you showed.. I salute you for that! ūüôā Stay blessed.

Hey! Maheen..

I am truely grateful to you, for your mobile help service during exams. You were always quick and eager to answer all my queries instantly, Thank you for considering me eligible enough to utilize your precious time.

Hey! Areeba Aslam.. (Joe)

a total spit-fire. Who would walk like a carefree stud farm owner and would talk her world, not thinking of a single penny it might cost. She is blunt and she is truthful. A talented English poem writer, and a similar novel reading geek. She loves English musoc, and Jonas brothers are her favorite. We also share something common.. Cindrella Monogatari (Favorite Childhood memory of mine  <3)

Now, about Farhana Feroz (the silent figure).

Farhana was the first person I talked to, after coming to Habib. She belongs to Nasra school evening shift, we use to travel in the same van for quite a while as well. I observed her on college events, she looked beautiful. I wish I would have heard you a bit more, but what I saw in you is calmness at its peak ūüôā

Ola! Nayab Rizwan (The mature one :))

Nayab (like her name) always appeared precious and esteemed to me. A bit of a silent cloud on the sky, yet pretty much influential. She had a trait which none of us possessed, the ability to make Farahana speak her heart out. She left prints of her light feathery jokes on the board, and everyone laughed on them (applause :D)  I remember you consoling me for being a tutor like you were! and the fact that you smile even after knowing that you colored the wrong bubble in the mcq answer sheet is worth appreciating. Best-est wishes for you!

We come to Iqra Parvaiz.

She is a wide hearted girl, always ready with her one snap-please! camera to capture memories and give out some really eye catching expressions.. give her one minute and she would be ready for a snap. She is extremely caring, one of her kind. She would distribute the fruit¬†among-st¬†all and in the end would rejoice in her share. I really appreciate and love you for planning my birthday bash (although it didn’t turn out to be a possible one) ¬†but still, it is the feeling of good will that matters. Iqra, your mom is an excellent cook! ūüėÄ I would hire her for my wedding (pakka…? :D). The kind gesture that you were always eager to resolve issues on all stages during the winter camp, is really¬†acknowledge-able. ūüôā Live long!

Marium Shahzad (the ghostly, night walker :p)

I hope you didn’t mind that, but you know, this was your first impression on me =p . You are¬†extremely¬†pale , and you walk in the classroom as in you’re stepping into your wide spread regime =p. Your¬†permanent¬†facial expression of confusion and you fondness of food (which also lead to food poisoning once =p) and your narrow experience of walking on the streets of Karachi beside a donkey with his mouth open at you, creates a hilarious scenario. Thanks for making me laugh at times! ūüôā

Sakina Valliudin (the teddy bear)

Sakina, it was because of you that I was never able to cease my fondness towards¬†Lasagna, and it was because of you I bought K&N’s¬†Burger¬†Pattise¬†¬†, it was because of you that I was able to enjoy warm water satisfaction at times when I was¬†extremely¬†thirsty. I always noticed your pink-flowery bag, and your lunch box. Thanks for giving me such a beautiful clutch as my b’day gift. Stay fluffy and chubby. And do keep sharing stories of your family weddings, that just engrosses me for some reason =)

Roohi Bano…

I rolled back at my chair, and I saw you! I asked randomly to toss a pen, I found your pen-holding hand. I cracked a sad joke- you still managed to laugh, you/I missed a part of dictation.. we helped each other! my memories are full of these mini-tiny moments. Just want to let you know that you were noticed!

Zohra Allana (The cutest stuff toy)

This is exactly what you are! You managed to act naturally in the dark shadows, and you managed to remain clam knowing that I missed a part (part in which I was suppose to kill you :p) You laugh, and you spread happiness. There have been times when I smiled, just because I was looking at your smiling face. ¬†keep smiling =) and dude! speak up! ūüėÄ

Zainab Imtiaz (The artist! )

Get your fingers stick to your pencil, and draw something on the white paper… what ever is going to be spotted is indeed going to be a marvel. You always stepped forward in doing creative homework! keep¬†fueling¬†that artist inside you… it might do wonders! you never know buddy! ūüėÄ and, keep watching the Vampire series… it helps people like me (sarcastic) to shape a personality evaluation.

Anousha Amin

I liked helping you out, and specially your idea of distributing dairy milk chocolates so we all could revive our memories when ever we devour that bar of chocolate, was thoughtful! You were blunt, yet sweet. May you grow as an amazing human being in the future! Lots of prayers.

Haleema Noor (The organizer)

Haleema laways remained certain and sure about what she has to do, and what she was suppose to do..  this lady manages no confusions in the store. I have spotted quite a few creative distinguishing acts through these two years, from her end. Elegant dressing, vivid concepts, loyal friendships is what she is all about. I wish her best of luck =)

Amama Raja (Beauty with brains)

My board practical exam partner! I have had multiple perceptions about her, but the most prevailing one id the one I¬†developed¬†a few days back… I can talk to you for days and days…. about me, myself, my life, my friends, my aspirations…. and you would listen! You are a good listener and that is why, having you would always be a blessing! You tend to be formal, yet¬†truly fun. Your art work is Hats off material, and your neatness is very, very popular =) Keeping grabbing those excellent, good and neatwork comments from the teachers! and yeah! I really thought you were doing a great job as class rep during the XI year! ūüôā

Hafsa Jawed

I will never forget this girl I tell you. multiple reasons. , Hafsa made me stronger, she taught me that I can stand a lot , and I am capable of a lot too (although I don’t think I am ¬†:p). She is smart, intelligent, logical and funny at times too. ¬†You would find her loyal in her true friendships, and enthusiastic when it comes to projects and field work. We both share a common interest of Soccer! sorry dear! I tried to¬†inaugurate a soccer team but wasn’t able to do it! ūüôā

Hamna Sohail.

The aggressive, blunt, out spoken and funny gal. My college council-partner during the first year.. and she ended up guiding me a lot… I have had mixed events, but there is solely one thing I appreciate in her and which I want to adopt. Her logical reasoning. ūüôā Thumbs up for that! and your¬†Aye haye.. :p would always be remembered! Will miss you… I always like having some hard nuts to crack in my life (no offense :p )

Muneeza Khatri

The genius one! she had skills! REAL SKILLS!. No specific memories, no specific observations, but I do have wishes for her future life! Stay No. 1 ¬†ūüôā

Tehreem Moosani.

I have had skype meetings, map¬†negotiations, study time, project team and a lot more with her. She is sporty! quick, fast and spontaneous. A great dancer too! Good luck in the future! ūüôā

Zehra Khan (my right hand.. the General Secretary <3!)

I hate when people say Saara kaam tu Farwa he karti hay, baqi tou koi kuch bhi nai karta because its not true, the moment I asked her to do anything, she was always there standing right behind me, backing me up, never leaving me alone. Despite the fact that she was an X-Habibian, I had a particularly distinguished experience with her. Loaded with fun ideas, thoughts, suggestions and helps! I found her¬†extremely eligible of what she had in her hand. We worked and managed together a lot during these two years, and I will always wish to have a Zehra Khan with me, no matter where I go! You’re capable, you’re smart… don”t loose these attributes! Will Miss you! ‚̧

Marium Asghar (The Event Manger who gave me lifts to my home =p)

Firstly, I am so sorry for yelling at you a million times (by million-i mean plenty =p) ¬†your ideas have always been unique and costly =p (haha..) But but but, you never refused for anything. Never heard a No for any of my orders or advices(Yes Boss attitude=p). You know what? The sole hidden reason behind our connection was Soccer which we just identified! I strongly feel that… together we shall uphold our interest of playing some football, right? Will think of you =)

Hajra (the pun jabi Kurri :p)

Jab Tak tumhari soorat nahi dekhi thi, ab dekh li, ab mera pooora din bura jaye ga, was the most exchanged dialogue between us. I alwys laughed on your style, the Punjabi one! yaar, University chaley gi saath? I bet you Uni life will be devastated? :p

Rida Sanober! (she renders me spell bound)

I¬†don’t¬†know what to say for her, she is a loyal, loving, caring, thoughtful daughter and possesses an equally awesome friendship personality. She believes in having fun, embracing life! kind of like the¬†Zinda dili! trait. Jiyo Rida, Jiyo! (I specially like that one quality of your’s, I’ll keep that a secret :p)

Ayesha Saleem (The record-torr chutti pal)

Multiple reasons, but she took the maximum days off from college, I remember her dancing on Welcome party as well. She is pretty, and she is fun! Stay blessed.

Fatima Yousuf (the long hair one :))

Fatima, was just like her friends Ayesha and Amenah. She was fun, carefree, and just HERSELF! so Fatima-ish ūüėõ ūüôā

Amenah Salim (the quiet one)

She remained quiet, but loyal. I kind of feel a pinch of EXTREME TALENT in her, for some reason I am certain that this well-mannered, quiet icon would do something great in life, and I can’t wait for that to happen.

Aarzoo Barkat.

I am particularly fond of her name, I wanted¬†myself to be named Aaarzoo…! . She is co-operative, and humble, which most of the people aren’t in today’s world. So cool enough ūüôā retain those qualities in you buddy!

People I’ve missed out, I’ll catch you all in part 3…

26 May

Presenting Iqra Mohammad Jawed,
I would never forget how embarrassed and homely I felt when we three (Marium , me and Sara) arrived at your sister’s wedding even before the waiters =p , and the food by Good was delicious. You have been a mega fun package, laughing, smiling , joking all the time.. but being particular, I loved all those funky fake YB letters. Believe me! That was an adorable move to be expected from my end, struggling to get you on the post of sports day, College ke daste ka sardar. It was amazing that how you always had fun without breaking rules, Got to learn that art from you my friend… AND OF COURSE, you forwarded text messages make my day! ūüôā

Let it flow...

From my eyes… a voyage, that has come to an end!

Habib Girls Higher Secondary School (HGHHS), a newfangled institution came into being….

and the tale of notorious, studious, silly, zealous, talented, versatile group of students broke the ice… Today, when 2 years have flown by, the fickleness and unreliability of happiness stands vivid, the consciousness of being 17/ 18 years old caresses deeply and we stand right behind it… grievously trying to grab and collect those scattered bits of beloved weaved memories…. . this is a mere weak attempt.

My Sister, Ms. Marium Mehboob Ali (Note that although we are sisters, my name ends with a Manekia… and we studied in the same class, doesn’t mean that I flunked a class, or she had a double promotion)

She has a one whole united personality, the way she is, is the way world accepts her! and that is the most adorable trait she possesses. During…

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College days…. A hollow Good bye!

26 May

From my eyes… a voyage, that has come to an end!

Habib Girls Higher Secondary School (HGHHS), a newfangled institution came into being….

and the tale of notorious, studious, silly, zealous, talented, versatile group of students broke the ice… Today, when 2 years have flown by, the fickleness and¬†unreliability¬†of happiness stands vivid, the consciousness of being 17/ 18 years old caresses deeply and we stand right behind it…¬†grievously trying to grab and collect those scattered bits of beloved weaved memories…. . this is a mere weak attempt.

My Sister, Ms. Marium Mehboob Ali (Note that although we are sisters, my name ends with a Manekia… and we studied in the same class,¬†doesn’t¬†mean that I flunked a class, or she had a double promotion)

She has a one whole united personality, the way she is, is the way world accepts her! and that is the most adorable trait she possesses. During college life, she has been a bumper package, full of masti, randomness, tensions and bunks! YES! the idea of knowing that her sister is the head girl, and she can present the bunk reports to higher authorities never held her back from that, besides there was a greater share of naughtiness, rather than nerd-iness. In these two years, She has passed by the entire diode- semiconductor graph, with elevations¬†¬†and depressions… and most importantly, she realized that she has an asset of awesome friends from her past, which she needs to hold back to. ūüôā

Now, a buddy of mine, Salima Siraj Versaiya

She is a Gola, round, chubby, cheesy, and spontaneous…. she can never walk along with someone without cracking a sorrowful joke. ¬†But has an attribute to laugh, if someone else does that… entitling it to be silly, yet it’s morally nice to preserve fragile hearts. ¬†We remained partners for 2 years, and were the most beloved¬†enemies¬†of each other, practically being ready to do anything which would tease, interrupt, or even devastate our lives. The good part was, that even passing through that devastating phase, we managed to exchange sorry’s and remained in each other’s heart. She awarded me with titles like Bhukar, Firangan, Kamini¬† and with statments like¬†Farwa dekh , wo raha top pop¬† and¬†Tu kha, tu kha… bhukar aurat¬†along with frequent compliments like¬†¬†Mimicking¬†me saying¬†Eww, its so tacky! (American Style)¬†and of course, more than frequent slaps on faces.

Cheers to all those blithesome moments! (I hope you never have to use a dictionary, ever again in your life while reading my written relics..)

Thirdly, Aksa Rafique (My cool dude, sports captain)

Man! I remember the interview times, when we were so certain that Aksa wont be the sports captain and BOOM! the unexpected news broke, she became THE SPORTS CAPTAIN.¬†We have been masti partners for long (don’t worry.. I am not going to disclose what we did =p ) and have had some extremely whiz-bang morning walks, where we chatted lamely, shared gossips, and of course our highly confidential¬†strategies.¬†¬†She was heck of a genius though! (I got to know that after I saw her mid term results knowing her learning style). She was incredible, because she was one of those very few icons who could tease me to bits, really back fire my own words, and drag me to the¬†coordinator’s office for making sure that things go our way (the right way), and who could curse me so randomly, that I won’t even feel a pinch of the big B. ¬†She once said¬†Farwa, ap ko impress karna kitna mushkil hay, koi bhi cheez ap ko impress kiyon nahi karti? =p¬† notice the AAP factor. I really really love you! ūüôā

Fourthly,  Ms. Sara Musheer

For her everything would be Bakwas ,  by anything, I mean ANYTHING! . She takes everything extremely lightly, and therefore, sways with events.  I would say one word for her,  Splendid.  She has a splendid sense of humor, I laughed on her jokes for 2 years, without even caring what the world thinks. She has that skill of unloading all the worries with just her  Sab Bakwass hay.. Tomboy attitude, that is what she is, perfect qualified tomboy. What we both have done with Kiran, certainly would have no match in history. And how we use to gossip about YES-ers, was the most enjoyable part.

Fiftthly, Hadia-Bint-e-Atique

What shall I right about Dhoop Kinarey No 1 fan? She would remember all the dialogues of legendary chocolate boy and Dr. Zoya by heart. You give her your autograph diary, and she will pen down one of the episodes. Besides, she is an excellent Urdu prose writer. I went flat on her deepness of words and the easiness of changing facial expressions. ¬†And, most importantly, she¬†doesn’t understands anything!! I mean things which an average ¬†17 year old would grasp, are out of her reach. She will question like a 3 year old and would end up creating a weird scenario when everyone would be starring at her :p She will know songs from 1980’s and would sing it confidently. ¬†About her random chats! I would probably stay away from them. The good part is, that she is pure and creative by heart, cant hurt anyone, cant see anyone crying, and is Nikami¬†¬†at times, I forgot to mention, she was our some times functional event manager, but XII science’s soul.

Following her, Maya (Maria Gul Ahmed)

The one who called me Encyclopedia =p . Maya was consciousness, sensitive,  one heck of an Urdu writer and a hats off type poet. You can spend days and days by her side, listening to her professional Urdu poetry.  We shared that connected of  I am in Love song proposed by me, she heard it and I instantly received a message saying Yaar kya song hay yaar! . I really adored her inclination towards Urdu and would like to say Jiyo yaar! Jiyo!

Then comes Mehak Gadit.

She was one person, I kept on discovering till the very last day. She still stands as an enigma, but I know one thing about her. IF she is loyal to someone, she would do anything to live up to loyalty. Best of Luck to her for her future life ūüôā

Now comes, Ramsha Mohammad Younus (my RA.ONE)

She has that very old tradition of her’s, to drop things off from her pencil box, at times her bag, other times her specs, and of course herself at times. She was one of those geeks who ensures that her hair pony matches her hairband. She would¬†peculiarly have whitto and remover in her pencil box, knowing that no one in the entire class would have brought it. She would also be a tube light, getting things slower than an average normal individual. Ramsha is just extremely sweet, and CONFUSED. Anyone could judge that from her face ūüôā

Next, Wafa Memon…

my partner in 2 year. We had a three-tier sisterly gang in the¬†beginning. ¬†Shared some¬†extremely¬†silly chats ūüôā Wish you good luck.

Presenting Anousha Shahnawaz (The style diva)

Your dance, Michael Jackson dance moves, in style trendy clothes, hair streaking (hair styles), remained in head lines for the entire 2 year span. The Vampires play (The dark shadow) reflected the¬†theater¬†¬†loving anousha inside you… Stay the same!

Since I am being bugged by a few elements, I’ll continue my reflection blog… for now! I will take a quick leave! Adios.¬†


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