26 May

Presenting Iqra Mohammad Jawed,
I would never forget how embarrassed and homely I felt when we three (Marium , me and Sara) arrived at your sister’s wedding even before the waiters =p , and the food by Good was delicious. You have been a mega fun package, laughing, smiling , joking all the time.. but being particular, I loved all those funky fake YB letters. Believe me! That was an adorable move to be expected from my end, struggling to get you on the post of sports day, College ke daste ka sardar. It was amazing that how you always had fun without breaking rules, Got to learn that art from you my friend… AND OF COURSE, you forwarded text messages make my day! 🙂

Let it flow...

From my eyes… a voyage, that has come to an end!

Habib Girls Higher Secondary School (HGHHS), a newfangled institution came into being….

and the tale of notorious, studious, silly, zealous, talented, versatile group of students broke the ice… Today, when 2 years have flown by, the fickleness and unreliability of happiness stands vivid, the consciousness of being 17/ 18 years old caresses deeply and we stand right behind it… grievously trying to grab and collect those scattered bits of beloved weaved memories…. . this is a mere weak attempt.

My Sister, Ms. Marium Mehboob Ali (Note that although we are sisters, my name ends with a Manekia… and we studied in the same class, doesn’t mean that I flunked a class, or she had a double promotion)

She has a one whole united personality, the way she is, is the way world accepts her! and that is the most adorable trait she possesses. During…

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