College days…. A hollow Good bye!

26 May

From my eyes… a voyage, that has come to an end!

Habib Girls Higher Secondary School (HGHHS), a newfangled institution came into being….

and the tale of notorious, studious, silly, zealous, talented, versatile group of students broke the ice… Today, when 2 years have flown by, the fickleness and unreliability of happiness stands vivid, the consciousness of being 17/ 18 years old caresses deeply and we stand right behind it… grievously trying to grab and collect those scattered bits of beloved weaved memories…. . this is a mere weak attempt.

My Sister, Ms. Marium Mehboob Ali (Note that although we are sisters, my name ends with a Manekia… and we studied in the same class, doesn’t mean that I flunked a class, or she had a double promotion)

She has a one whole united personality, the way she is, is the way world accepts her! and that is the most adorable trait she possesses. During college life, she has been a bumper package, full of masti, randomness, tensions and bunks! YES! the idea of knowing that her sister is the head girl, and she can present the bunk reports to higher authorities never held her back from that, besides there was a greater share of naughtiness, rather than nerd-iness. In these two years, She has passed by the entire diode- semiconductor graph, with elevations  and depressions… and most importantly, she realized that she has an asset of awesome friends from her past, which she needs to hold back to. 🙂

Now, a buddy of mine, Salima Siraj Versaiya

She is a Gola, round, chubby, cheesy, and spontaneous…. she can never walk along with someone without cracking a sorrowful joke.  But has an attribute to laugh, if someone else does that… entitling it to be silly, yet it’s morally nice to preserve fragile hearts.  We remained partners for 2 years, and were the most beloved enemies of each other, practically being ready to do anything which would tease, interrupt, or even devastate our lives. The good part was, that even passing through that devastating phase, we managed to exchange sorry’s and remained in each other’s heart. She awarded me with titles like Bhukar, Firangan, Kamini  and with statments like Farwa dekh , wo raha top pop  and Tu kha, tu kha… bhukar aurat along with frequent compliments like  Mimicking me saying Eww, its so tacky! (American Style) and of course, more than frequent slaps on faces.

Cheers to all those blithesome moments! (I hope you never have to use a dictionary, ever again in your life while reading my written relics..)

Thirdly, Aksa Rafique (My cool dude, sports captain)

Man! I remember the interview times, when we were so certain that Aksa wont be the sports captain and BOOM! the unexpected news broke, she became THE SPORTS CAPTAIN. We have been masti partners for long (don’t worry.. I am not going to disclose what we did =p ) and have had some extremely whiz-bang morning walks, where we chatted lamely, shared gossips, and of course our highly confidential strategies.  She was heck of a genius though! (I got to know that after I saw her mid term results knowing her learning style). She was incredible, because she was one of those very few icons who could tease me to bits, really back fire my own words, and drag me to the coordinator’s office for making sure that things go our way (the right way), and who could curse me so randomly, that I won’t even feel a pinch of the big B.  She once said Farwa, ap ko impress karna kitna mushkil hay, koi bhi cheez ap ko impress kiyon nahi karti? =p  notice the AAP factor. I really really love you! 🙂

Fourthly,  Ms. Sara Musheer

For her everything would be Bakwas ,  by anything, I mean ANYTHING! . She takes everything extremely lightly, and therefore, sways with events.  I would say one word for her,  Splendid.  She has a splendid sense of humor, I laughed on her jokes for 2 years, without even caring what the world thinks. She has that skill of unloading all the worries with just her  Sab Bakwass hay.. Tomboy attitude, that is what she is, perfect qualified tomboy. What we both have done with Kiran, certainly would have no match in history. And how we use to gossip about YES-ers, was the most enjoyable part.

Fiftthly, Hadia-Bint-e-Atique

What shall I right about Dhoop Kinarey No 1 fan? She would remember all the dialogues of legendary chocolate boy and Dr. Zoya by heart. You give her your autograph diary, and she will pen down one of the episodes. Besides, she is an excellent Urdu prose writer. I went flat on her deepness of words and the easiness of changing facial expressions.  And, most importantly, she doesn’t understands anything!! I mean things which an average  17 year old would grasp, are out of her reach. She will question like a 3 year old and would end up creating a weird scenario when everyone would be starring at her :p She will know songs from 1980’s and would sing it confidently.  About her random chats! I would probably stay away from them. The good part is, that she is pure and creative by heart, cant hurt anyone, cant see anyone crying, and is Nikami  at times, I forgot to mention, she was our some times functional event manager, but XII science’s soul.

Following her, Maya (Maria Gul Ahmed)

The one who called me Encyclopedia =p Maya was consciousness, sensitive,  one heck of an Urdu writer and a hats off type poet. You can spend days and days by her side, listening to her professional Urdu poetry.  We shared that connected of  I am in Love song proposed by me, she heard it and I instantly received a message saying Yaar kya song hay yaar! . I really adored her inclination towards Urdu and would like to say Jiyo yaar! Jiyo!

Then comes Mehak Gadit.

She was one person, I kept on discovering till the very last day. She still stands as an enigma, but I know one thing about her. IF she is loyal to someone, she would do anything to live up to loyalty. Best of Luck to her for her future life 🙂

Now comes, Ramsha Mohammad Younus (my RA.ONE)

She has that very old tradition of her’s, to drop things off from her pencil box, at times her bag, other times her specs, and of course herself at times. She was one of those geeks who ensures that her hair pony matches her hairband. She would peculiarly have whitto and remover in her pencil box, knowing that no one in the entire class would have brought it. She would also be a tube light, getting things slower than an average normal individual. Ramsha is just extremely sweet, and CONFUSED. Anyone could judge that from her face 🙂

Next, Wafa Memon…

my partner in 2 year. We had a three-tier sisterly gang in the beginning.  Shared some extremely silly chats 🙂 Wish you good luck.

Presenting Anousha Shahnawaz (The style diva)

Your dance, Michael Jackson dance moves, in style trendy clothes, hair streaking (hair styles), remained in head lines for the entire 2 year span. The Vampires play (The dark shadow) reflected the theater  loving anousha inside you… Stay the same!

Since I am being bugged by a few elements, I’ll continue my reflection blog… for now! I will take a quick leave! Adios. 


2 Responses to “College days…. A hollow Good bye!”

  1. maya October 12, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    m just loving it
    ya yun kahun I AM IN LOVE :*

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