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Because rain speaks my tale…

24 Jun

Because rain speaks my tale...

I am a big, super husky rain aficionado…. ❤

The mere thought of straying clouds blocking the passage of Apollo's torch right up there on the expanded sky paints a bright smile on my face and stuffs my heart with feelings of yore and euphoria.
Past (sigh) How many of us want to trace back our own footsteps like madcaps? contemplate the scent of that good old mud, feel that sense of belonging, hear those hoots and bets when we once geared up to begin and most importantly, relive in that one fancy, canonized memory in which you drenched and felt the tickling down of every single dewy soggy rain drop, with your arms wide spread, welcoming. You body sensitive to every single bead, your face glowing.

A mug of coffee, its aura mingled with the fragrance of rain soaked mud, an imagery of snakes trickling down the window glasses, proud mountains battling with grey clouds, green flora bathing in the natural shower and some one dear and loved to spend time with is all I have dreamt of, always.

when it rains…I visualize my past, feel my present and rejoice in my future. All the 3 possible chapters of my life dip into that sheer pour, and it's melody speaks it all.

I can't say about others, but when it rains, I am the happiest person around. Ask my U.S.A companions, they'll tell you about it 🙂


YES Alumni reunion

20 Jun

It’s such a mosaic here at the reunion (Margalla Hotels, Islamabad). With every step you take forward, there would stand an adamant innovative chamber of secrets, waiting to be revealed, explored and exploited. Seriously! They’ve all been former YES scholars, yet diversity prevails in them at it’s very peak.

I tend to categorize them, human by nature is judgmental. I am no exception. (pardon me if I ever claimed I was)

There are people who share quietness with every crisp moment flying by, they dance on the same rhythm, are sparkled by the same intensity of silver yet they sprinkle it quietly. Their presence could only be felt, not noticed. Silence is their ultimate culture. They cuddle with their inner voices, self-created jokes, comments and compliments…. Their comfort renders them uneasy and ignored, and they strive to justify their self promoted definition of fun!

And yet there are geeks who rejoice in pint-sized, meteoric (some times lame) chats. They share with fidelity, their lives and inner hearts and expect a cachinnate ( a roar of laugh) to what is being said in response, disregarding the ratio of loyalty. Such people strive to be even with the silver they shower on every note they twist their feet upon…. This one is the conscious performance.

There are people who roll their eyes all around the ambiance, searching for someone to have a decent conversation with. Strange? we always say that time flies by, yet it’s breezes are gentle for those in isolation.. like an empty rolling chair swinging, screaming for a finger to hold on too, move on with the clock needles. Folks like that believe that company is essential for acceptance and survival. Human is a social animal, they struggle to justify it.

And of course, we always have that Party doesn’t starts unless I walk in crowd. This clique dominates. They are like moon in the dark, the strings of the violin, devoid of them, the melody would lose its charisma. They don’t care about a bit, but their enjoyment. they would march along the narrow street of life justifying Carpe Diem, the most suggested phrase. They are way to caught up, and hate disturbance, so either be like them, or adjust yourself in other category.

There were others who felt eccentric seeing how many different approaches are there to mingle in the most dynamic group of people. They wish and dream to be involved in the same way, like others are.  Just saying, every one is different, they have their own way of painting a picture, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. Within the YES crowd, I really feel that there should be a lot more of that understanding, every one deserves a chance. A company. 🙂

About the sessions, I literally felt that things went realistic for the most part, wasn’t like an excuse to arrange an event. It was ACTUALLY meant to ring a bell in the brains of those who run for Mufta’s. That only those grab them, who work. YES alumni is supposed to be the change factor, is what the sum total of the conference was. Special Kudos to Maria Baji for making me feel that it’s possible to find a shade in a tornado.

Additional supplements, I got to learn how to play Bluff (Thanks to the bus rides), got to learn sign language, and got to interact with a senior of mine, Firasat Baji, I am glad I met you!

These moments of yore would always be remembered, the above mentioned carelessly formulated opinions are mere delusions that will dampen my vision now and then. There would be moments when laughs and jokes, advises and tastes, warnings and awkwardness, clicks and snaps would become faint distant memories, but they would never be in-discernible. The fog and the mist of the running events in life would never keep my extended arm from feeling them. For now, it’s just my weakened strength that is waving good-bye to the past weekend.


Pak v/s Srilanka T20 series, 2 match.

3 Jun

Pak v/s Srilanka T20 series, 2 match.

52 runs, not out…. took a commendable catch and 2 very important wickets. Couldn’t see a better side of a REAL sporty icon?

I recognized the divine by witnessing my devastating plans – Hazrat Ali (A.S)

3 Jun

13 Rajab, Monday Night, 3 June 2012. I wish Hazrat Ali (A.S) A very Happy Birthday (or Wiladat mubarak…. It’s always been this way, any religious wish in Urdu seems to have a much profound effect than English, indeed)

The saying which entitles this post, are those wisdom filled words which have had magical effects on the lens via which I viewed the world around me. I heard it for the first time during a biology class, when our botany teacher was teaching us the chromosomal disjunctions and put forth an example of a famous Pakistani Singer who dreamt of having a child, as healthy and fit so as to become an Athlete. His desire began to zip up a blanket of reality, further lubricated by Doc’s confirmation that his baby was healthy. But as we all know, its the God’s plan which has it’s working magical spell. The doc informed him about a sudden chromosomal disorder due to which his baby’s life was at the edge of death, and so he had to let go of his child, and his ever-loved dream. That class seemed to have a deep effect on the way I planned my life, surprisingly even on the plans I had for the upcoming 5 minutes. Every word of the saying was so thoughtful and true. There are always those unspoken thoughts, non-worded aspirations… which we wish could have been accompained by understanding minds, creative words, when we witness them finding compatible sentences, we tend to lose that coziness of our’s. The reality which this saying portray’s was one of this kind for me. From that day on wards, I stopped planning, at all. I thought to walk and move on as per the divine’s plan. I might be intelligent, but God is it’s inventor. Can’t beat that one! 🙂

So, I decided to flow, flow with the events, with the spiritual exposures, with academic experiences, with every heart beat…. Hazrat Ali (A.S) was a man loved by God, as a matter of fact… the lovely truth that he was born in Holy Kaaba makes me believe that he was an extremely beloved, truthful, righteous and wise man, and so would be his golden words.

So, Today on his Birthday! I just want to express my in-deep happiness and joy that I, though a sinful human being, have tried and is trying to lead a life, according to God’s plan, just as he did. The most perfect plan! 🙂


P.S : When I say quit planning, I certainly don’t intend to advice people to stop looking into various careers and fields. (That’s what I am doing :))

The disproportional joy and fear

1 Jun

You have that in your pocket, every one does. When you sneak into your Dad’s wallet to slip out a 500 Rupee note so you can have a KFC zinger when you’re out for a hang out, when you silently creep into your mother’s room to hide a happy birthday card under her cushioning pillow, when you speechlessly strive to dump your glass of milk into the sink before any one spots you committing a domestic crime, When you plagiarize and earn your self a  commendable GPA, or when you have a haircut of your own choice without letting your mother know (sounds awe-inspiring, unusual…  but that’s the sole reason I came across my laptop to write this blog!)

I have always had long hair, not as silky and velvety as they portray in Sunsilk commercials, but yes, they’ve been pretty tempting (at least for my mother). But the fact that I never had a trendy haircut (apart from getting bald at times when I was a kid) always left behind an unspoken, untold desire to have one. Besides, I always had my pals and random geeks around me who could die to be highlighted on a general street. But, that wasn’t important, it was that suppressed fever which I knew had to be felt, had to be treated.. and today was THE day 🙂

When I was in USA, I was not watched or guarded by my parents directly. During that span, I could have done whatever I wished to. People construct elite dreams, and they do sprinkle the spice of reality onto them in the absence of their parents… in my case, this innate approach wasn’t modified, but my dream was…. and my ultimate pie in the sky was a mere haircut.

I had a minor one, being sure that they would grow back before the golden time ends, but I didn’t had guts to do any thing further. TODAY.. after such an elongated period of patience and hope, I have had my favorite haircut.

While I was having it, I has a disproportionate feeling of joy and fear. Joy of accomplishing something I always wanted to, and fear of spotting an awful facial expression when I get back home. But things went well, Mom was fine with it…. but I was feeling it’s superlative degree 🙂

So CHEERS to the new haircut! 🙂


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