The disproportional joy and fear

1 Jun

You have that in your pocket, every one does. When you sneak into your Dad’s wallet to slip out a 500 Rupee note so you can have a KFC zinger when you’re out for a hang out, when you silently creep into your mother’s room to hide a happy birthday card under her cushioning pillow, when you speechlessly strive to dump your glass of milk into the sink before any one spots you committing a domestic crime, When you plagiarize and earn your self a  commendable GPA, or when you have a haircut of your own choice without letting your mother know (sounds awe-inspiring, unusual…  but that’s the sole reason I came across my laptop to write this blog!)

I have always had long hair, not as silky and velvety as they portray in Sunsilk commercials, but yes, they’ve been pretty tempting (at least for my mother). But the fact that I never had a trendy haircut (apart from getting bald at times when I was a kid) always left behind an unspoken, untold desire to have one. Besides, I always had my pals and random geeks around me who could die to be highlighted on a general street. But, that wasn’t important, it was that suppressed fever which I knew had to be felt, had to be treated.. and today was THE day 🙂

When I was in USA, I was not watched or guarded by my parents directly. During that span, I could have done whatever I wished to. People construct elite dreams, and they do sprinkle the spice of reality onto them in the absence of their parents… in my case, this innate approach wasn’t modified, but my dream was…. and my ultimate pie in the sky was a mere haircut.

I had a minor one, being sure that they would grow back before the golden time ends, but I didn’t had guts to do any thing further. TODAY.. after such an elongated period of patience and hope, I have had my favorite haircut.

While I was having it, I has a disproportionate feeling of joy and fear. Joy of accomplishing something I always wanted to, and fear of spotting an awful facial expression when I get back home. But things went well, Mom was fine with it…. but I was feeling it’s superlative degree 🙂

So CHEERS to the new haircut! 🙂


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