I recognized the divine by witnessing my devastating plans – Hazrat Ali (A.S)

3 Jun

13 Rajab, Monday Night, 3 June 2012. I wish Hazrat Ali (A.S) A very Happy Birthday (or Wiladat mubarak…. It’s always been this way, any religious wish in Urdu seems to have a much profound effect than English, indeed)

The saying which entitles this post, are those wisdom filled words which have had magical effects on the lens via which I viewed the world around me. I heard it for the first time during a biology class, when our botany teacher was teaching us the chromosomal disjunctions and put forth an example of a famous Pakistani Singer who dreamt of having a child, as healthy and fit so as to become an Athlete. His desire began to zip up a blanket of reality, further lubricated by Doc’s confirmation that his baby was healthy. But as we all know, its the God’s plan which has it’s working magical spell. The doc informed him about a sudden chromosomal disorder due to which his baby’s life was at the edge of death, and so he had to let go of his child, and his ever-loved dream. That class seemed to have a deep effect on the way I planned my life, surprisingly even on the plans I had for the upcoming 5 minutes. Every word of the saying was so thoughtful and true. There are always those unspoken thoughts, non-worded aspirations… which we wish could have been accompained by understanding minds, creative words, when we witness them finding compatible sentences, we tend to lose that coziness of our’s. The reality which this saying portray’s was one of this kind for me. From that day on wards, I stopped planning, at all. I thought to walk and move on as per the divine’s plan. I might be intelligent, but God is it’s inventor. Can’t beat that one! 🙂

So, I decided to flow, flow with the events, with the spiritual exposures, with academic experiences, with every heart beat…. Hazrat Ali (A.S) was a man loved by God, as a matter of fact… the lovely truth that he was born in Holy Kaaba makes me believe that he was an extremely beloved, truthful, righteous and wise man, and so would be his golden words.

So, Today on his Birthday! I just want to express my in-deep happiness and joy that I, though a sinful human being, have tried and is trying to lead a life, according to God’s plan, just as he did. The most perfect plan! 🙂


P.S : When I say quit planning, I certainly don’t intend to advice people to stop looking into various careers and fields. (That’s what I am doing :))


One Response to “I recognized the divine by witnessing my devastating plans – Hazrat Ali (A.S)”

  1. zaharakazmi August 17, 2012 at 8:37 am #

    very beautiful….I always felt that they guide us by their farameen.The Almighty always plans well for us.Very inspiring Farwa. So Proud of you.

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