Ramadhan Trial – an intense migration within the soul.

21 Jul

Ramadhan Trial - an intense migration within the soul.

The first blush of the sun is visible onto the wide canvas, as the day peeps in, silently yet visibly, after Sehri (breakfast).

It’s 1st Ramadan (Saturday) here in Pakistan, and here I am beside my laptop ready to drop a note,living up to my promise which I made to myself a few days back, an oath to learn and be grateful for the blessings poured on me by ALLAH, specially in this Holy month of Ramadhan.

Firstly, Ramadhan Kareem everyone! may this month revive your soul, and assist you in confronting that pure, sin-free living sculpture inside you, which was created by the divine merely for the sake of love. Human! you were loved by the creator, I was held high, and desired and so, was bought to life. That’s an amazing feeling, it brings back life to me. 🙂

So, on the very prestigious first day of this holy month, I read an article in the Urdu Magazine titled “Hijrat Ka Sikandar” by Tariq Baloch Sehrai. He conveys an enchanting message and a lesson to the world by writing “Bara Banne ke liye Banda Rab ko nahi, Rab Bande ko chunta hay.” Translation: It is the divine who chooses a human to be uphold-ed, not the human. Glorious words, deeply exhilarating, and so true!

Our lives are enigmas. We know there is a director of our movie somewhere, yet we think we get to choose our role, our dialogues, our position, and our fate. But that merciful never forgets that the actor/actress should be given his/her space and time to learn and they have the right to be forgiven, for they stumble to fall near God.

Today, I learned that I have to trust God’s plans. Despite of the extreme leaps of non-gratefulness, If he could grant me such an amazing life, I am sure I can trust him for my days ahead. Life is God’s present, and I’ll live it his way. 🙂 Happy Fasting.


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