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13 Aug

For the love of Pakistan! dil se.. 🙂

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Yesterday, after an Iftar party, I was discussing Pakistan’s Independence Day with my sister and sister-in-law and there seemed to be some confusion regarding celebrating it. This led me to research in detail on the topic of patriotism in Islam.

For those of you who are boggled by the same question, I am compiling my findings here. Hope this helps 🙂

These are excerpts from various articles over the Internet.

Skip to the end for a summary (in bullet points) and reference links. The quoted words are from Quran or Hadith.

[1] So can one be a Muslim and also a patriot? It comes down to interpretation. If loving and defending one’s country means supporting and overlooking its wrongs and defending its sins and aiding its aggressions, then absolutely NOT.

[2] If void of fanaticism and extremism and if held as an evidence of man’s faith or disbelief, patriotism goes…

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I be the Dentist.

12 Aug

I be the Dentist..


I be the Dentist.

12 Aug

I be the Dentist.

So I can’t be a Urologist. Fine. Then what should I be? Being a Urologist is all what I always wanted to become. Besides all that visualization and emotional ties, I’ve always had a thing for it, but now when I know its not possible, What’s the next dragged chapter?

I browsed and manipulated all the options. Monthly income being my first priority after the sad demise of my aspiration. Medical is my field. Let me be honest, I suck at Math :/ That “x” bugs me like a restless mosquito and when I see my sister struggling with those numbers, I feel pity for her. Medical technology was an option, and that’s what I thought I would go after till the dawn of July. Then came along an opinionated storm……

I finally decided BDS (Dentistry). Incentives? 4 years, Dr. before your name, University financial aid (I be the special case), and my parents can get me married without any worries (This is the most possible option appearing).

So yeah, besides all odds, discontentment and practicality. I still hope to get admission into BDS 🙂 Dentists are good humans. They might charge you a lot but they have command over the image-creating mouth invaders. You may look 20 even if you are 30 if you have those teeth stuck in place, and a messed up framework can cost you an impression.
So Dentistry is fine, as long as its demanded and paying me good. I like that Dr. Farwa Manekia part better (If I stay alive for that long :)). Hopefully, That day will come.

3 Ramadan – 22 Ramadan. Encountering the real LIFE.

11 Aug

Within these days, my life just flipped around. The serene landscapes were conquered by stormy winds at a flip of a coin. Seriously. All what we see on news every day, hear about, talk about, and apologize for may actually be real. Occasionally,  we observe world health day, earth day, Thalassemia day, etc which practically mean nothing to us, but it will when you will fell sick, when the world climate is going to change dramatically and wipe us out from the map, when we, God forbid would experience being a Thalassemia patient, etc. Did you reach where I am standing right now? I hope so.

My cousin sister is diagnosed of stage IV Burkit Leukemia. It was not even in our conscious minds, non of us thought of it, ever. Cancer was nothing more than a gloomy topic for us over which we twisted our facial expression for a fraction of a second, prayed and switched back to our normal mode. But now, when we feel the pain of having a loved one in this deadly reign… we know how it pinches. It hurts, really bad!

Times pulsates, it oscillates, and so did our hearts. We couldn’t let the brutality of the time snatch our beautiful relationship. Outreaching every possible solution, we navigated, we prayed, we paid, we cried, and we gave rise to our hope and trust in divine.

This Ramadan, Life taught me how real it is. Yes it is hurling wind, it is hopeful sunrise, it is a truthful prayer, it is human! – sigh. 



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