I be the Dentist.

12 Aug

I be the Dentist.

So I can’t be a Urologist. Fine. Then what should I be? Being a Urologist is all what I always wanted to become. Besides all that visualization and emotional ties, I’ve always had a thing for it, but now when I know its not possible, What’s the next dragged chapter?

I browsed and manipulated all the options. Monthly income being my first priority after the sad demise of my aspiration. Medical is my field. Let me be honest, I suck at Math :/ That “x” bugs me like a restless mosquito and when I see my sister struggling with those numbers, I feel pity for her. Medical technology was an option, and that’s what I thought I would go after till the dawn of July. Then came along an opinionated storm……

I finally decided BDS (Dentistry). Incentives? 4 years, Dr. before your name, University financial aid (I be the special case), and my parents can get me married without any worries (This is the most possible option appearing).

So yeah, besides all odds, discontentment and practicality. I still hope to get admission into BDS 🙂 Dentists are good humans. They might charge you a lot but they have command over the image-creating mouth invaders. You may look 20 even if you are 30 if you have those teeth stuck in place, and a messed up framework can cost you an impression.
So Dentistry is fine, as long as its demanded and paying me good. I like that Dr. Farwa Manekia part better (If I stay alive for that long :)). Hopefully, That day will come.


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