Praising imagination….

19 Sep

Praising imagination....

What you perceive by glancing at the above classy picture is mere one sided thought, opinionated, judgmental and optimistic.
Too many adjectives? may be, but imagination itself can accommodate so, so much that “enough” never find it’s way.

Imagination from my perspective is synonymous to inviting the word, ” I WISH”. The contentment and the gratitude ratio begins to sink and you feel like you deserve more, better and the best. Moreover, most of us don’t get the difference between dream and imagination…. actually there isn’t much difference as well except that you keep your eyes close in order to see when you dream, and while you imagine, you lock yourself and keep your doors close to restrict the reality to come to you…. but in both the cases, you lit up a candle of ” I am not happy, I want more…” and this is when we forget the difference between “want” and “need”.
Imagination is not all about thinking out of the box, getting creative, sprinkling happiness and colors, etc. If it is, well and good, but if it’s not then what it is? obsession, cruelty, or attitude! I have someone in my life whose biggest problem is her imagination. She doesn’t want to get rid of it because now , after so many years of her continued practice she is unable to discern between illusion and reality. She thinks her way, does her way, speaks her way… she is now mastered by this trend of hyped imagination, which has made a recluse out of her, as the puppet show she dreams of was never staged and if it’s not her colorful puppet show, all the artists are good for nothing.
Praising imagination is okay, but knowing what kind of imagination is rather more important. I have had a bad experience with it, but again what I do is imagine a better version of that person in my life. Oh we are so helpless and bound! (sigh)


One Response to “Praising imagination….”

  1. Hassan Ali September 20, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    Beyond vision lies imagination. excellent!

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