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I hate…

9 Nov

I hate “I“. It uncovers a recluse out of me, pours a feeling of selfishness and how madly one draws limit lines and boundaries for the world for fortifying oneself. It’s “I” who does the job. Orders, wishes, suggestions and advises ! to what extent are we all at peace with it? not that much? how would we be? when we’re busy updating Statuses that shows how crazily intellectual and different we are from the rest of the world, knowing there are more than 1000 apparently appearing friends of our’s who’d just like our statuses because they know we would serve them as a ladder somehow, sometime in future or who knows merely just to showoff? We’re too caught up in posting pictures of events and happenings showing the world how epic we are and how much fun we had, totally degrading the ratio of how worth it was or what WORK you did besides posing? You’re too busy sharing your Baba’s picture doing something spiritually sound, feeling proud knowing that in the rest of the days, when things like that don’t happen, you make fun of others who believe in all that? you tease and suppress them because they believe in God, and all of a sudden, miraculously, you think it’s all dutiful, cool and correct!.

There are certain things which bug me a whole lot. They push me into this deep dark well where I can’t discern the reason why I didn’t strived to resist that push, why being in that darkness became my ultimate choice? why people do what they do! knowing it”s wrong, knowing their is a doomsday, they still go on and on and on….  I want to question them! ask them to satisfy the frequently rising “WHY’s” (not ignoring the I part here, this is what I want to do for my own self! I want them to justify their acts and satisfy me – not thinking about why they should be doing that. After all one does nothing for a nobody!) I Why do they try to be smart pants and think of them as lavish highly upgraded personalities when they write or speak against faith, believes and  traditional actions? with all due respect to your right of speech, don’t lag behind in knowing your duty of being respectful and not hurting or offending anyone. Why?! do you HAVE to impress others?? why can’t you be yourself??? are you that bad? why do you deliver hour long speeches on abolishing child labor in a party where you spend a 1000 bucks per plate to serve a CEO of multi-million company? Why do you buy a camera lens worth a million bucks when you work for betterment of Pakistan? why do you think that whatever you do is what should be done? Why only the people you hire are worth and rest, useless? Why only you have the right to comment and feel insulted while others are just wired up to be motionless, senseless working human models?.. why, why, why???? 

On pondering, the word I happened to be my sole, completely justified answer! – totally agreeing on the point that it is not ALWAYS a symbol of dryness and rudeness, many a times, in fact most of the times it’s used perfectly, or even non purposefully, this write up is not addressing the innocent I. The pure, the true, the selfless I.





9 Nov



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