Hang in there!

7 Dec

Hang in there!

so I have a dream life. It’s soothing, mythical, triumphant and unfettered. a cathartic walk with everything drenched in tints of versatile flavors. There is travelling, reunions, career, family, acquaintances, surprises and the list goes on… but then I bounce back and confront my self, do I have a deviating dream? something which other’s don’t wish for? I am not alone. There is a cascade right by me, wanting all the good stuff.

I feel innocent knowing that I dream angelic. But what I miss is misery, grief, numbness…. happenings and emotions that compelled me to discern what happiness actually is. Would I have ever known the aura of ecstasy?

Gracefully, I then feel like taking misfortune as a blessing. Every time, I feel a tool cracking a situation, I close my eyes to be as indifferent and casual as a rain drop flowing down a rich flora element, The anticipation of loosing what is most desired, to be something unknown….. like an instrumental unaware of it’s lyrical fate.

So just hang in there! You’ll know why your dream is not the ultimate reality, for good. Adore the misery and flow through it like running water, you’ll know the importance of serene stagnant water…


2 Responses to “Hang in there!”

  1. venkataswamyrv December 7, 2012 at 1:45 pm #

    i like

  2. Hadia Rosy December 7, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    wowww wht a beautifull thought… and yes i’ve tried this… accepting n adoring the misery gives us real satisfaction n contentment 🙂

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