Zindagi Gulzar hay, the new sensation.

27 Jan

Zindagi Gulzar hay, the new sensation.

I haven’t been captivated by the national soaps, not very much… specially if compared to how much I love watching Greys Anatomy and NCIS. But trends are changing, standards are being lifted high, and audience has broadened after dramas like HUMSAFAR and now, ZINDAGI GULZAR HAY.

Fawad khan has been elegant and splendid in both of them, may it be Mahira Khan or any other TV screen actresses against her, he tends to drown in emotions when it comes to living up to the scripts. His erectness, the tallness, the hunk in his voice is hypnotizing. He has been a star of our industry!

But what I like most about this drama is not Fawad Khan, but the ground reality which we know, is confronted every other day but we fail miserably to express it wisely, so it doesn’t loses its’ value and importance. When life crumples your wishes at every single step, it is the feeling of perseverance that needs to be held on to. When you cease to love your existence, live for those who love yours. When millions challenge your presence, justify it with an eternal reality of being a creation of their creator. And when someone tries to make you a challenge, Be stubborn, priceless and strong to break that someone. Influence their ideals, and preach equality.


I am a huge fan of every single dialogue Kashaf Murtaza has ever said in response to Zaroon Junaids’ courteous or ill-mannered comments. Besides she is loved by all the ammis and abbus out there in the houses who turn on their TV every Friday night at 8.
It is a must see saga! First written novel by Umera Ahmed deserves applause.


One Response to “Zindagi Gulzar hay, the new sensation.”

  1. kashif Hussain January 28, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    My parents live watching it equally. It is a cool one. 🙂

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