We have never known what Serenity is…..

3 Mar

We have never known what Serenity is.....

When ever we swell and accept an illusion as an ultimate picture of serenity, we come across an even better picture, Picture of how others prosper and bloom, and when you extend your arm to squeeze and feel it…. the misty sheer fog makes it look like a crinkly delusion, again.
It happens every time, People say that white is the color of peace, it has always been legendary from that angle, But isn’t that the only shade which eminently, profoundly display cinder and sleaziness?
If that is so, the blankness doesn’t deserve to be called serene, But won’t the people have thought about it before? they would have, surely…. and so my quest is all about that angle that uncurls the soothing side of that soft plain petal.

It is your inner season, your inner breeze of tranquility. If you lay down impassively and gently on your couch, and imagine this white blooming flower, you’ll love it, with all its’ flaws.. unconsciously, knowing it all yet loving it deeply.

Serenity lies in you, nature is yet again a dilemma. Simultaneously being depressing and placid for two set of eyes…..


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