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Omair Sana Foundation

2 Apr

” Real living is all about living for others”

Wounds which hurt you, crumple you are the pains which compel you to think about people who might confront the same misery, but are not rugged enough to collect strength. You know they’ll strive, anyone would, but not everyone would be firm to resist the bitterness, It is then when you feel mighty, and determined, to do something for them… You were broken to pieces, but you’ll shield others until you shatter.

With the same spirit, Dr. Saqib Ansari, his family and his team laid the valuable rock of Omair Sana foundation, when they lost two children due to a deadly disease, Thalassemia.

Thalassemia is hereditary blood borne disease, when the child has a particular gene encoding for it. There is retarded production of red blood cells and body produces abnormal hemoglobin. In lay man language, A thalassemia struck patient has to undergo a blood transfusion frequently, since they are naturally incapable of producing their own healthy blood.
Thalassemia major and minor patients have variant degree of severity. You can be a Thalassemia minor because it generally goes un-symptomatic or less severe showcasing of consequences, where as thalassemia major is severely impaired and may live a paralyzed life if not cared for.

Omair Sana Foundation targets such an audience, and is serving them since years. They feel for them, work for them and they have dedicated their lives to make their living normal. All they plead for is healthy blood donations, so they can transfuse safe blood to thalassemia patients and make them realize that they are normal, and deserve to be treated fairly, just like any other one.

That is a noble cause, and anyone can contribute to it by spreading awareness. Every one should carry out a thalassemia test before marriage, that would lower the ratio of disease struck newborns. It is now, our moral responsibility to join hands with foundations like Omair Sana and spread their message, donate blood as much as you can and save lives…. those sparkling eyes would always be grateful to you!

Open up your eyes feebly, and widen your horizon to see what a blessing it is to be normal. To embrace colors and flavors of life which others are devoid of. I am a medical student, and still very afraid of syringes. I can’t imagine an infant bearing that, but they actually do, in hopes of a better tomorrow!

Promise today, that you’ll be heroic and save lives just by spreading awareness about Thalassemia.


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