Doors closed? Yet you’re home.

2 Jun

Doors closed? Yet you're home.

When you stretch strings to tie a knot, knowing it’s going to be frail and stumbled, yet the feeling that it’s there. bracketed permits you to flaccid your self, conserving a confidence that even at the edge, those strings would pull you. There stretch might seem disloyal, but somehow it’ll work.
But when you feel them plucked, lost and dis-concerned. You loose that house of security,that coziness, that confidence in sensing that your family is right by you. Those strings, they let go of their hold and you miss being enfeebled.
It happens, It’s a monotonously occurring story of every other house. Doors are slammed, you are made to feel unimportant, and even those who are most dear to you, refuse to be what they have fostered you to be like, but you still stay back home!

Staying back home is not the deadline, it is the ultimate engraved decision of your heart. You can’t quit, because that one string with which you are tied to your home, would never loose it’s strength and fondness.

Home, is just home. And even if I fall from the zenith, I would come back home for my wounds to heal. Because I am confident, that, that one string of mine would restore all my relationships.

No strings attached? naa…


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