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Oh Snap

29 Jul

Recording details in words…

days like this

He was crying. He was resisting sitting on the chair. He was contorting his body to let loose of my hold so he could squiggle on the floor like an eel out of water. Amazing things he can do to avoid the drills.

It was like that for roughly fifteen minutes. Either he’d throw the material I present or he’d slap my face. I had to make him sit down and keep him seated, my face gathering beads of sweat equivalent to half an hour of shadowboxing.

Then, lo and behold, I snapped.

Letting my guard down in frustration, I dislodged an expletive (or two). The next one, who’s a teenage version of the first, happened to also dislike working that day and just wanted to seek attention through provocation. I think I threw another one again.

Halfway through the day I was wearing a wretched facial expression – like…

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Istanbul, Turkey

28 Jul

Istanbul, Turkey

Bold, Vibrant, Sublime, desolate… It’s diverse and beautiful! It accommodates so much history and tales, All I can say is, I wish I could ever get there….
My dream destination; Istanbul, Turkey.
Audible sigh!

Pakistani cinema grabs a JOSHILI story line – Stir some patriotism.

23 Jul


“Josh really captures the electricity that comes with changing times. It is an engaging story with characters that will draw the audience in. Without being overly academic the film does a good job of capturing the Pakistan, that is full of contradictions; a country that manages to hold one’s heart despite it’s many flaws. Highly recommended!”
– Zamzam Syed Student Affairs, UC Davis, viewer, Stanford University

Pakistani screen has behold some colossal actors and cinema, movies which have entertained masses and a few, themed at cultivating the patriotism in Pakistan have been conquering the hearts of plenty, JOSH being an exclusive and an eminent, possibly the most stirring add on to the list. A must watch, for a die heart Pakistani.

It’s nothing animated, nothing dreamy either… based on it’s realistically crafted plot, the film offers the national screen some real time happenings round the land. Knowing the turmoil in the country, our hearts have morosely agreed on quitting. Discrimination, Education, Rights.. we’ve been talking about it since decades now, but to fix it all up, seems unrealistic. JOSH tells us how, and more importantly, it tells us why!

It’s about projecting Pakistan, it’s real side on international stages. We want the globe to see the softened grain which is loyal and hard working, the roaring hearts of youth which are determined, the love of nation which is rooted in our hearts… This time it’s the cinema which is going to serve our purpose, precisely, it’s JOSH.

After seeing so much frittering of hopes and sinking feelings of perseverance, our faded patriotism needs a reason to love Pakistan. Some unity, some faith and lots of spirits – This is what Josh has to offer. Being a fan of the trendy high budget hollywood and bollywood movies, Pakistani audience needs to applaud for some of its’ own geniuses. Filming a story line in Pakistan, with voids due to lack of infrastructure and industry, Yet making it all possible needs an insight and passion. It’s a film, for Pakistan, by Pakistanis.

Hats off to The director, Iram Parveen Bilal and the entire team for bringing this change bearing film to our cinema.

Hit the cinemas this Eid to see JOSH doing all the magic. Lets be joshileyyyy! Independence through Unity.

Azadi manao 2 rupey mein!

Twitter twitter every where!

17 Jul

“Arey yaar! bataya tou tha chachi ke yahan janna hay” – Mr. X

“Ramdan ka tou khayal kar, kab bataya?”- Mr.Y

“Twitter pe! bus meri responsibility khatam! ab yeh mat kehna ke tu ne check nai kiya!” – Mr X

“Zahir hay, mujhe laga phone karna zyada asaan tha” – Mr. Y

The conversation proceeded with an array of taunts regarding how technologically lagging My. Y was, and how dumb it was to expect a call.


Thanks to twitter! It’s viral and it’s every where… Back in early 2000’s when I was in school, I remember being resistant in taking permission from my mother for an orkut profile. Then, facebook took over the social media, and now twitter.

It’s increasingly growing importance in communication clouds is impressive and thought provoking. Journalists, news channels, celebrities and students specifically update themselves and the people they know, as well as those whom they are not concerned with, via there twitter profile. There popularity is a measure of how many known/unknown people follow them on twitter, there social activism is a measure of how many RTs (Re tweets) they ACHIEVE. There coolness is a measure of there contributions to the hash tags on the top trends list, and their knowledge is a measure of how controversial they comment on tweets which are merely based on facts.

images (1)

Precisely, Twitter is your personality and your career. There are campaigns which are being carried out on it every day, and people are actually paid for it. So, unemployed people should work on developing their twitter skills. Just tweet randomly, certainly less care about how much sense your words make.

And then there are others who make very good use of it! never to ignore those sensible people who are well aware of the vacuum the social media has filled up, and utilize it’s extensive use all over the world – Tweet for a change they say!

It’s all good! Twitter, it’s use; all of it. What I ponder upon is the weight-age it carries in deciding ones’ future. After all, twitter can never replace merit.

A few years ago, I happened to attend a session of an anchor/host from Geo Television network on media education, I remember him saying that Facebook and twitter are nothing but a mere waste of time. I came back home, looked up for him on facebook and came across his fully updated facebook profile. How expected! – just wondering, didn’t he knew that the audience he was addressing had a twitter and facebook account and he can easily be looked up?

Anyways, keep tweeting. Happy Tweeting!


13 Jul

It’s the dawn of 4th Ramadan, I just came back home from a family Iftar dinner (opening of the fast), and seized a few moments out to pen down the emptiness and vacuum that I feel is expanding within me.

I may not be in limelight on social networking sites, I may not be the party animal in a decent gathering, but within the circle I tweet, when people unwillingly state how lucky I was, I pause and nod, with a reluctant smile. Indeed I was, but that one melancholic loophole was never hidden, that pervaded me completely, evoked and amplified by the morose remembrance of childhood…..

I missed those interlocks, I missed my family……



Sharing your heart, is one alluring thing to do. Strolling down the lanes of past over mugs of tea, laughing over amusing little habits, emerging footprints from the buried sands of past and babbling over it with people who know untold stories of yours is a matter of how lucky your life has been crafted. Achievements, success, career, job, grades. looks, they all do count, but interlocks with family is one sparkly highlight.

These wide open empty fingers of mine, when gazed upon, throws a feeling of being stuck in a stygian room. I talk to myself, but never hope for a reply, for I know, that there is no sensation of a familiar hand interlocking  my fingers, just to let me know, that they care what I share.

People, share and talk to your loved ones as much as you can, as long as they care. Keep a stock of memories to think about and smile over, for days when you might just have to talk to your self.

A moment spared…

11 Jul

It’s one silent moment, snatched from the briskness of the happenings. The swiftly accelerating rectitude owing to the arrival of the spiritually dynamic month of Ramadan has faded my color in the existence of plenty more saturated ones.

And there I was, inclined towards a misty thought, why just Ramadan, why just one month? As I leaned more towards the fact that a phrase such as “… feeling spiritual” actually exist, made me feel atrocious. Shall there be a feeling reserved for the divine? Something that should be stirred within, something that influence every breath that we take is stock piled for one month!




So I spared a moment, to Thank God for my exclusion from those people, I spread my arms wide, and promised in the presence of the brimming whiff. That every day, I’ll take a few seconds off to feel and realize that my being is Gods’ blessing.

Thank you Allah, for one more month of Ramadan. So I could ask my soul to purify it’s self with a vow. I’ll strive to be a better human.


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