A moment spared…

11 Jul

It’s one silent moment, snatched from the briskness of the happenings. The swiftly accelerating rectitude owing to the arrival of the spiritually dynamic month of Ramadan has faded my color in the existence of plenty more saturated ones.

And there I was, inclined towards a misty thought, why just Ramadan, why just one month? As I leaned more towards the fact that a phrase such as “… feeling spiritual” actually exist, made me feel atrocious. Shall there be a feeling reserved for the divine? Something that should be stirred within, something that influence every breath that we take is stock piled for one month!




So I spared a moment, to Thank God for my exclusion from those people, I spread my arms wide, and promised in the presence of the brimming whiff. That every day, I’ll take a few seconds off to feel and realize that my being is Gods’ blessing.

Thank you Allah, for one more month of Ramadan. So I could ask my soul to purify it’s self with a vow. I’ll strive to be a better human.


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