Oh Snap

29 Jul

Recording details in words…

days like this

He was crying. He was resisting sitting on the chair. He was contorting his body to let loose of my hold so he could squiggle on the floor like an eel out of water. Amazing things he can do to avoid the drills.

It was like that for roughly fifteen minutes. Either he’d throw the material I present or he’d slap my face. I had to make him sit down and keep him seated, my face gathering beads of sweat equivalent to half an hour of shadowboxing.

Then, lo and behold, I snapped.

Letting my guard down in frustration, I dislodged an expletive (or two). The next one, who’s a teenage version of the first, happened to also dislike working that day and just wanted to seek attention through provocation. I think I threw another one again.

Halfway through the day I was wearing a wretched facial expression – like…

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