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Being Pak-is-tani!

30 Aug

Being Pak-is-tani!

Just one of those things that we all did as kids, but that being mentioned in words, hilarious!
What other things we did as kids?
1. Running after Makkai wala/Gola wala/French Fries wala after school gets over.
2. Playing FLAME to confirm what relationship exists between people we gossiped about.
3. Watching Yogi bear, Tom and Jerry and Power puff girls.
4. Thinking of having a pink room (if you’re a girl) or a blue room (if you’re a boy)
5. Playing Kho-Kho, tip-top, baraf paani and CRICKET!

There could be so many, what’s worth is not noting them down, but to think of them often with a smile.


Random thought!

18 Aug

She closed her eyes, hold her breath, spread her arms and begun sinking….

As carefree as she could, feather feel, 

Confident that she would feel a skin against hers’, caressing and comforting.

But the question is, How deep? Before I feel the moist sand… I hope, I feel loved.

In my heart they still remain

10 Aug

Memories worth your present.


I am taking a stroll down the memory lane.
Standing still I am there.
My feet touching the grass
feeling how lovely once it all was.
The places where I use to stay.
The sight of that beauty, made me shove my sadness away.
I touched the branches, which I remembered covered in snow
Heard a soft humming downhill where the water flowed

I am taking a stroll down the memory lane
Visiting the places ,in my heart they still remain.

There would be a time,I would look at the sky
To watch the pretty and colorful butterflies.
They would race each other to there heart’s content
Some would circle the flowers,others would resent
To take their first flight
Is it too soon?
What a scary sight
A fear of failing would loom.
But to find the courage to take your first step.
I whispered to them “the memory of…

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10 Aug


Beyond every desire, the one to heal you makes me sink in the static waters of fields, to which I waved my adamant good bye, once I confronted that I shall incinerate to mend you… beholding you breathe, discerns the broiled me from the brisk me…
I am in you, every time you breathe… flickering, lethal, but I am there, majestically melting, every time you smile… knowing it’s me, who fortunately sweltered himself to let the world feel you!


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