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21 Sep

Life is such a bleak canvas at times, when the duskiness crawls so high at angles, that the luminosity behind it shrinks. Or, We grow in peace that it is all a fantasy.

” I feel the declining love, our amity. When our passion was at it’s zenith, there was a vow. We won’t care who the world caresses. We’ll own each other. I feel a void now. emptiness. Tell me it’s a lie, just a murky stifling”

vows are meant to be broken, love is never eternal, respect merely means perfection which itself is a tall story. Our values are feeble, We embrace broken bits, enticing us to merely nothing. This realization marks the darkening of the walls around you. Thick scented walls, which snatches the feeling of empowerment from you. It is then, when you start looking for Options.

Options…….. in chunks.



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