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12 Nov


Many a times, reassembling doesn’t only mean gathering all of your broken pieces of being, neatly…. It means that even though your crumpled rumination leaves you with a distorted you, There is a flare to shade, a hand to put forth, a beauty ingrained….A desire to help.
It rugs you in a fancy web of satisfaction, Healing, with a life embraced.
There is nothing more to seek in life, nothing scrapping, huge. There is no pain that pierces and wounds you so deep, that sorrows ace the battle and reasons to live, fail. If you don’t have a reason to live, live for others. Because for somebody out there, a distorted reflection can serve as a shade.
Miniature deeds can beautify lives. Help. Because you weren’t helped. Because if you would have had a hand to hold on to, rising wouldn’t have been impossible.


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