24 Jan

In a restless attempt to sleep, my vision drifted to the agar window, permitting the nomadic and edgy wind to envelope the secured thick walls of my room. The wind chime carol was majestically erasing the logistics engraved in every territory of my being. Clutched by an unperceived tangibility, I danced on the concrete floor as the sheer ray of moonlight choreographed my tipped toes, and as I spanned my hands towards the lunette aperture, I paused for a million seconds. A tucked away neighborhood held my gaze, where dreams carried out it’s stardom days. Now, a dribble of rain falls there in silence. An aura of enlightened mist flurries around each lonely street light and the darkened pavements glow and glisten by it’s fragrance as it dips encircling each and every bend. It must have been supreme, wasn’t sure if it was real.

It was a lantern studded cottage in an absurd, yet in a luxurious nook. My disembodied sight could ignore the projected remoteness and scan the memories it curbed. There was an elfin bridge that arched over the creek, and the silhouettes that compelled me to flow.

Yet I stood there, adamant on the velvety carpet. My feet stagnant, my vision locked, my hands spread, and my soul entangled. I declined the handsome delusion, and chose restlessness. And as I rested on the mattress,I kept wondering, was it a delusion?

I was unconditionally restrained from saying a yes. The music called my name and I disapproved to nod. I was unconditionally broken, to emerge as a human who claims reality as happiness. 




Only if I would have been invaded by that captivating mirage, My life would have been unconditional….. 


One Response to “Unconditional.”

  1. Marium January 24, 2014 at 5:25 am #

    Epic (Y)

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