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Ramadan trial day 29

29 Jul



The last post of this trial project. Feels like I am detaching from an endeared bond. Looking back and reading my prior posts again and again, reminding my self that I’ve given myself an enriched preserved present.

Today, It’s my past that conquered every tiny second of the day. It’s been years since my grand father passed away and it was this day when his soul departed to the eternal world.  Leaving behind grains of memories. Moments that happened and didn’t happened completely.

As blur as it might be, He’d still be an epitome of the king of the house for me. The staunchness in his voice, the adamancy of his decisions, the respect of his words, Who else but a grand father gets all that. Today, years after he has left us, we remember him and his set traditions altogether, one weak thread that ties us. It’s not a mournful rustling, nor an internal rumour, but a treasured memoir that we open up, witness and feel with pleasure.

It’s hard to connect, I know. But this post, the last post of this trial project is reserved completely for me. But there is one last point I’d like to make to conclude this post as well as this project, Don’t let go of your heritage if the keepers leave by. If your elders made sure that the family meets up on every sunday, make sure you do even when they’re not around. If they guided you to do charity every month, make calls on birthdays and events, congratulate each other on success and boost up morals on failures, Do that no matter what! Because if you’d be lucky enough to live longer and be grand parents your self, you’d love your family be that way too!

So, on the 29th of Ramadan, I wave my good bye to those versatile 28 days of this sacred month, it’s spirits and lights. It’s been different for me this year. Lost a lot many things, gained a lot to equalize too. Got to know myself better and others to a larger extent. Would like to be grateful to the divine for the determination I seeked and followed till the last sentence of this post. And every one who encouraged me every day to keep going!

Prayers for Gaza, Iraq, Syria and humanity!

Happy Eid everyone.

Thank you 🙂



Ramadan trial day 28

29 Jul



As tardy as I might be in putting up the last few posts of this trial project, I would miss writing for myself and this holy month as it swept my conscience deeply. You know, we’re always aware of our intentions and thoughts, but since our ears don’t get to hear much of ourselves, we miss out on the tone of our lives.

Ramadan came to an end, this time, it flew by!  Now our Qurans would be covered with veils, our mosques would seek for muslims, our houses would crave for iftar specific cuisines, out televisions would miss the transmission programs and several other shifts I am missing out on. It’s merely one month, one month whereby we wash and wipe out our regrets and sins just to re-enter the world with the same old adamant faith that we won’t deviate from the right track this time, this time it’s going to be different! But humans by creation are flawful you know. No one breaks promises as carelessly as we do.

But I’d still say, no regrets. As long as I kept the old tradition of  lightening up my house with cherished Islamic values alive, I won’t regret anything. I might have let go of this month as a much laureate festival that comes and passes by every year, but if I didn’t skipped on charity, compassion and knowledge, there is nothing to be regretful about. You know, my pioneers have always taught me one thing, You always raise your hands or bow down in front of Allah to ask for determination and strength to do better next time, because nothing like best exists unless Allah wants you to reach those highs. Best is reserved for Allah.

So on the 28th of Ramadan, I lifted up my hands to ask  for more enlightenment and guidance, because next year, If I stay alive, I’d like to do more justice with the spirit of this month!











Ramadan trial day 27

27 Jul

Say it aloud, Pakistan Zindabad!





I won’t mind if my birthday isn’t celebrated, but days like 27th of Ramadan and 14th of August shall never lose it’s vibrancy. For people who point fingers so as to why do we celebrate the independence of a land which has unleashed new doors of corruption and turmoil? talk to the very few aged legend survivors who participated in the freedom movement. My father told me about an article in Hindustan times about a Muslim chef who didn’t cook up to the mark food for Indian officials staying in a hotel or circuit house and they displayed utmost disrespect by shoving a piece of bread in his mouth, thereby breaking his fast. This is just one story out of plenty to count, may it be beating up a student in university, mass massacre in Gujrat and what not, All of it just drags my forehead to the grain in ground and with gratefulness I say, Alhamdullillah for Pakistan.

As a Pakistani, I take full responsibility of a corrupt society that is falling deep in darkness day by day, I won’t deny the incompetence of our democratic system and won’t ask the world to have faith on us because we’ve lost it a million times before. But I myself would always be proud of a prosperous dream that is striving to survive in my eyes, that bleak margin of improvement and justice that is still there in the hearts of mute, Our charity, our freedom, our speech, our language, our identity, and above all, our true spirit that one day, we’d be successful in erasing the stain of terrorism and corruption from our flag. Clean and high it would fly, and there I would be, saluting the journey of a nation that survived decades of evils. That day, If I’d be alive, I’ll celebrate like a re-birthing soul, I’ll hug my flag like a child who found his lost mother, I’ll breathe with pride again!

No justifications for any misdeeds here. Yes we have committed crimes and mistakes, and I can’t say about others but I have a realization inside me that all of it needs to stop, and for that I am trying my level best to acquire the most meaningful of education to educate a society. That’s the least and the most that I can do.

Pakistan Zindabad, keep the green flag in your prayers.

PS – Pray for Gaza.



Ramadan trial day 26

27 Jul



Character. A pure, dignified, strong character on a replay is an imperial virtue. In Eastern societies, 18 is an age whereby you qualify to grab your self a national identity card, unlike the western world, we don’t dissociate from our roots, take staunch decisions for ourselves without caring for what our guardians wished and longed for us. The most stressed of all the things we learn while growing up is a beautiful character, and that keeps our strings attached to our roots. I am very proud of it, very very proud. My upbringing reflects itself  in words and actions in accordance, but sadly, I came across people with a contrary case. It was depressing and aching side by side. How can a soul survive if it loses the beauty of it’s character?

Mistakes were made in the past, and were forgiven too. Things were overlooked, chances were given, improvement was observed. But when it came to character, it remained stained. Was it because of the loops in her nurturing? I won’t know, I haven’t been a parent yet but roughly mentioned, yes. Your language, your dealings, your friendships and associations, your values, your existence beautifies your child’s character. If you teach him/her that the beauty lies in keeping your head up high, your feet on ground, your words dense with respect, your gestures loaded with kindness, your heart pure and clean, why would he/she embark on any such journey that makes him/her feel ugly? Even if they do, turning around and looking back makes them feel disowned and they re-grab the lost beauty of character.

But once you begin to mask the wrong doings of your child, give him/her a margin to do anything wrong with your protective shield available,  Justify the dishonours paid to elders if they tried to scold you or correct you on your mistakes, You’re staining a character! Depleting a respectable soul of it’s real breathe. Your home shall teach noble virtues, qualities which the divine would like to see instilled in it’s creations, sculpture pure characters and forgiveness.

On 26th of Ramadan, I’ve decided to be more protective of of my character. To be more possessive about my family’s pride and to be a daughter who has always kept her Parents proud.



Ramadan trial day 25

25 Jul


The more mistakes I make, the more astringent the world becomes to me. The more missteps I take, the more fiercely I am looked down upon, the more snafus disgust my work, the more questions are tagged along my intentions and effort. The question it, Do I commit all of that deliberately?  If yes, it’s not a mistake. If no, then is this how I should be treated?

If someone’s progeny is not as dynamic as the prior generation, blame it all on the values his/her parent’s have transmitted. That’s the first punishment of a mistake. A quotient of it is also true, but not all of it. Parents can take charge of bringing up children with utmost honour and integrity but there are a million other factors summed up as ‘society’ which interacts with a living soul and influences thoughts and approaches. Society might be the culprit, why are parents punished for that?

Secondly, making mistakes won’t make you devils family member. Repeating old mistakes however does. We are pathetic when it comes to dealing with bluffs. Emotionally driven, we sometimes do refrain from punishing our loved ones and at times, we over-punish our dear ones too. At times, sitting back and talking over a mug of coffee is just enough to erase wrong concepts nurtured. Other times, consequences are required too. Plenty people, plenty approaches, but being inclined towards extremities, May it be being too calm or being too violent may disturb the following mind. What concerns me more is what happens next? Once a lair becomes a liar forever. Once a cheat becomes a cheat forever. Where did that formula came from? Do we spare a possibility of correction? Why would we want to correct ourselves when we’ll know that no matter what we’ll always be remembered with the old dishonouring titles?

Give chances, resolve mistakes not with force but with calmness and love at the first stage, observe turning points in peoples lives and appreciate that they had guts to accept and correct themselves.

on the 25th day of Ramadan, I’ve decided not to deposit past records and mistakes of people in a subconscious log book to use it against them one day, but will help them recover and correct them selves.


Ramadan trial day 24

25 Jul




“Promise Yourself

To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel
that there is something in them
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
not in loud words but great deeds.
To live in faith that the whole world is on your side
so long as you are true to the best that is in you.”
Christian D. Larson

As rapidly as good thoughts come to us, they flee with double the velocity. This was my food for thought on the 23 of Ramadan, and it’s a package full of good deeds. I’ve been analysing myself, comparing and contrasting what I have been like, and with utter disappointment, I deviated a lot.

I am not promising anything for now, but a baby step to be taken at this very moment is to pledge to take sometime out to check and cross what I’ve been doing and what should have been done.

Once I’d know a variable, I’ll know how lengthy my road to Allah is. Who knows, that might turn out to be the driving force for nobility?

P.S – I support #Gaza. Peace.

Ramadan trial day 23

23 Jul




As the dusk approaches and your bones crinkle sharing stories of all the tiring work you’ve done all day long, there is merely one trance that accord us peace, Home! we’ll go home, freshen up, have a nice meal, will spend time with our loved ones and finally, we’ll enjoy a serene night sleep. It’s just so comforting. There are so many of us whose shelters have ancestral importance. I’ve often heard of old trees in the garden, swings in the porch and other landmarks of the glorious history our houses have absorbed.

Talking of Internally displaced people, IDPs who are forced to flee from there homes, but are adjusted somewhere within the national boundaries, there is only one question that I ask myself. If I know that I can go back home, it’s possible, how would it feel to live as a refugee within your own country? Awful. How would you feel to be dependent upon aids when you have your own family fields and businesses? Awful again. But if that is the price to be paid for a peaceful Pakistan, I am sure our patriots won’t give up. In this scenario, our responsibility is to make them feel home. We have the same soil, we breathe the same air, we love Pakistan equally then make them feel welcomed, accommodate them in the best of your schedules and help them as much as you can.

IDPs are just labelled, otherwise they’re just like us. This time, sacrifice your expensive Iftar dinner and donate that amount for their welfare, Buy a less posh attire for Eid, and send a quotient to our friends up there, Be a bit more humble, and volunteer your knowledge and skills for the well being of our people. They’re Pakistanis. We own them, we respect them for leaving their homes for our safety, our army, There is not much of gratitude that we can pay, but our devoted financial and moral help for them. Don’t forget them in any of your special prayers and accept them socially with open hearts.

On the 23 day of Ramadan, I’ve decide I’d promote this spirit of helping IDPs as much as I can. Will donate and render all possible services that I can. Because I love my people, very much 🙂


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