Ramadan Trial Day 1

1 Jul





The most awaited month of the lunar calender arrived with all it’s traditionalism.
The advertisements on Television turned all Islamic, Ramadan transmissions aired on TV, special grocery shopping with dates, half days from universities and offices plus the Eid shopping are all clichéd yet the most triggering part of the routine. Yes it’s time to get close to Allah, to open up our wrapped Quran, put on veils, show that we’re Muslims and reach out to the poor people of the society.

What I feel is the fact that our progressing millat has transformed the feel of Ramadan into an electronic puppet, whereby we prefer sending in messages of Ramadan kareem over meeting people in person and wish them a blessed month. Do we even realize that when someone asks you to keep them in your prayers, it’s your duty to do so? How many of us remember the received text messages with that particular sentence? and How many of us fulfil the responsibility?

So on day one and two of Ramadan, I’ve learned that the essence of this holy month shall be stirred under our roof, amid our routine, amongst our relationships, with our family and poor people of society.
One to One communication and exchange of gestures can never match a call or a mere text message


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