Ramadan trial day 4

3 Jul



Nothing fancy is meant to happen everyday, someday you just breathe. Irony is transforming the inhalation and exhalation of air, something we are rewarded for 


Today, I did nothing. Vision-less as I might be, I didn’t pondered upon the need to do anything. I just sat and read a few blogs, completed my chapter and that’s about it. Disoriented in my thoughts, I felt emptiness and vacuum surrounding me, and at that point, I realized the importance of having something to do in life.

Worrying is essential. No one would ever be able to appreciate peace unless he/she hasn’t experienced cacophony of war. I won’t know what serenity is unless I haven’t known what a blue streaked agile schedule is. That’s about it, that displays your worth. I need to do something everyday, every moment so I’d know what it feels to relax.

Hanging there up on the wall, the lanterns signify least what mankind can do. Hang up to life and shimmer for humanity. Least effort maximum outcome,  and dozens of profit. So when I’ll have nothing to do, I’d think about the welfare of mankind.

Guess It’d be a start to some implementation process.



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