Ramadan trial day 8

7 Jul




It was late summer in 2008 when I attended my Pre-departure orientation sessions at beach luxury hotel before departing on one academic year cultural exchange scholarship to USA. I was all boosted and excited and paid an ear to every minor detail that was highlighted and taught. Everything was told nicely in one time go but there was one thing that was exaggerated in every other session. Our mentors told us that there are two words you don’t have to let go off at any time, in any situation. A “Thank you” and a  “Sorry” , both of them signifying the utmost respect needed to be paid to the people and society.

We Pakistanis don’t believe in respecting people with blue collar jobs, specially within our nation. When we visit the outside world, we’re respectful even to the most immoral of the species. Why is that so? respect is not a regional or national attribute, it’s just humanitarian and humanity exists in the entire globe!

It’s not merely about the words either, it’s about gestures too. Opening up the doors for elderly people, offering food and beverages to the guests, smiling in return to services and favours, leaving behind tips in the restaurants, preparing a meal, etc re all just different ways to convey the nurtured respect for others. Why is there a need for it? No logics, just a straight answer. Give and earn! That’s it.

So on the 8th day of Ramadan, I’ve promised myself that I’d respect everyone regardless of there earnings and physical appearances which is normally held a criteria before expressing gratitude to people. Insane us!




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