Ramadan trial day 9

8 Jul




Today, It was about valuing everything that I have. Health, family, education, assets, respect, common sense, opportunities, friends, and Pakistan.

Till about noon today, I thought to write about my appreciation and value for what I have as an individual, but about an hour ago, I went through a news that Pakistan’s one of the first PhD lady BB Qureshi passed away in her silent sleep in Edhi center.

A little background about her, as quoted in news.

BB Qureshi, one of Pakistan’s first few women to earn a PhD degree, was born into an educated family in Muradabad, India in 1922. She did her BA and MA Economics from Aligarh Muslim University. After partition, her family moved to Rawalpindi where Qureshi taught economics at a government college. She taught for several years in Africa and had the honour of having taught the former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, in Ghana. She completed her PhD in agricultural economics from Trinity College in Dublin.
Qureshi remained single her whole life. When she finally returned to Islamabad after years of teaching abroad, she was so disappointed at the standard of education that she decided not to teach anymore. Her brother did not treat her well and she shifted to Karachi and lived in Edhi Centre for homeless women in North Karachi.


A few days earlier, I read that years after the sad demise of Fatima Jinnah, one who along with Quaid-e-Azam blessed us with Pakistan, Water board has sent a water bill of about 2.5 lacs to her. Such shame, Such discomposure!

Why can’t we value our national fortes and our strengths? Why do they go unnoticed and the only praise they receive is after there deaths? Why we have all the treasure to shove it over foreign trips, but not for people like BB Qureshi? Why only the ignorant gets all the star light here?

We always complain and whine about why are we treated like 3rd grade citizens in different parts of the world. I ask, why not? we deserve to be mistreated. Upon denial, do question, what did our nation gave back to our freedom fighters, there families, our other champions? Unless we don’t uphold and value our boons, earn respect, don’t expect to be treated humanely.

On the 9th day of Ramadan, I pledge that I’ll value everything I have, and specially on the national level, I will keep on looking for people who are masked by their green nationalities, who otherwise would have been appreciated and acknowledged. I’ll value them like a gem which never goes unnoticed.

And still I’d say, Pakistan Zindabad, long live Green!


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