Ramadan trial day 10

9 Jul




And today was unexpected. As ecstatic as I may sound, my heart is under the influence of over sympathatic stimulation, call it Adrenaline rush or any jargon. It’s there in my heart and I know how it feels to be a victim of it.

Never in my life I’ve tripped over the stone for an unjustified cause, That’s why I believe God is there. Every puzzle falls into logical places and I stroll down upon roads that are unplanned. You know when we write those essays on what do you want to be in future? I never wrote a dentist. Never. Never wanted to be one. But I headed that way like a blindfolded being and that unexpected road upon which I embarked a year ago introduced me to my position in society. So, So very grateful for that.

I know it’s been about me today, Seems so. But it’s more about how terrible of a human I am, and what merciful of a God Allah is. It’s about how irresponsible of a daughter I am, and how adorable my parents have been, It’s about my mistakes and my teachers guidance. KMDC gave me such a complete first year! 25% of a dentist already.

So today, I learned that sometimes things might go unplanned, but don’t cry over it. God always has better plans for you, actually the best plans.

Trust Allah. Alhamdullillah.


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