Ramadan trial day 11

10 Jul



No, I am not endorsing Coca Cola here. The brand has some delightful advertisements already. But what I am endorsing is the the bright concept that sharing joy just amplifies happiness, the exuberance of celebrating together makes everything a memory worth remembering.


I have been hyperactive since yesterday, results following messages and calls, everything just turned out to be amazing. But this blog is not about sharing a success story, it’s about the bliss of sharing those small high spirits with people around you so they know that you’re important to them.

I can’t sit and watch a comedy movie alone, or do iftar alone, or reach out to events alone. Even a deed of kindness shared and done along with a group of people boosts up the morals and motivates you to pursue services. There is a reason why humans have been called social animals, and logically we’re proud of our social lives the most. People, parents, friends, neighbours, all of them share a part of your life, and so we are obliged to share our happiness with them.

There is this wonderful tradition my mom and my neighbour has setup altogether.  When ever we cook anything piquant, we do send a plate full to the people next door, it’s a zap custom and now it’s a part of our lives.

We share good news, highs and lows and even failures as a family, that’s what families are for. Friends are just beyond the doorstep families, they keep our little sphere happening. Unknowingly, we all share a lot with each other. Today I just realized that I do it wholesomely.

First day of Ramadans’ second Ashra! 🙂


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