Ramadan trial day 12

12 Jul




It’s about besieged Gaza, how fierce humans have been lately, How mercilessly and ruthlessly innocent people are killed just because they’re Palestinians. It’s about how blinded the Western world has been to the increasing death toll, The Arab league which has lost  pudicity to speak against the super powers because they’re backed by dollars , Are they immortal? Is there no decline to there sky towers? No! A Palestinian kid well said, That they think they are the above all? No, above them is Allah!


Israeli PM, Benjamin Natenyahu and his anti Palestinian team is boundlessly cultivating rage and animosity against the poor citizens and have used tons of explosives and rockets to wipe off the smallest of the child that ever lived in the strip. When Hamas, a Palestinian based force reacts to the attacks, the world media i.e CNN, BBC , etc provides full coverage to the Israeli land and depicts how victimized they have been. They exploit a few deaths to kill massive. That is there policy, kill, kill and kill!

Isn’t that natural? above 1000 mortalities won’t enrage the local people? won’t they ask for revenge? Israel started bombarding Gaza after the death of 3 Israeli teenagers in Palestine. You’ve killed thousands, then as per the trend, they shall fire enough rockets to blow thousands.

It’s shameful that how the Muslim countries and Human right champions, USA, UK, Germany and France have condemned attacks on Israel. They should, humanity murdered anywhere is unacceptable but why being so polar? can’t they take notice of thousands of graves Palestinians have built in past 5 days? Shame on you!

And even today, when The U.N. Security Council is deeply divided and often paralysed by the rift among the Israelis and Palestinians, with the United States defending close ally Israel, they don’t intend to quit. In fact, as per USA based media groups, Israel is to pay it’s students to defend them online! Yes the social media is stoning them, unveiling them, exposing the brutal nation. No one ever can justify the explosions, humanity in some parts of the world is still alive.

I am proud of people here in Pakistan. Our educational institutes and political parties with media backings have registered protest against it, we have decided to boycott Israeli products here. Hundreds and thousands of people back in UK are protesting in front of Israeli embassy, they can’t stop us, they have already been exposed.

And sadly, one last statement to end the blog with. I hate to say this, but I read a very painful post which said, that today I felt that Holocaust was justified. But then again you (like I do) condemn holocaust because innocent people were brutally murdered, tortured and shot, Palestine is less different today.

All the responsible and insightful Americans, Israelis and other western citizens are excluded from the criticism who feel for Gaza people and on the personal level are trying to raise a voice against it.

Don’t stop, Keep condemning, Keep criticizing, keep signing petitions against massacre! That’s what I’ve learned from the 12th day of Ramadan.


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