Ramadan trial day 13

13 Jul



Nothing, something which prevails in the most famous of the territories. This word has absorbed so much of emptiness, it’s a perfect attempt of journalism to expose how fatal our intentions are, in real, we are nothing.

Personally, when I focus on something or plan something whole heartedly and can’t live up to it, I blame my inner soul seasons for that. I am not sure if I made my self vivid on that but it is just the momentarily influenced me who decides whether to stick to a plan, or to let go off it for once because I know Allah is merciful, he would forgive me anyhow.

I take disadvantage of his mercifulness, and consequently today I have lost faith in my own will. Because somewhere inside I know, I’d skip or make a loop one day and then would go on doing that. Then one thoughtful moment like this would make me realize how awfully broken my promises have been.

There is nothing inside me which makes me loyal to my promises to Allah, and this isn’t good. One cool gang, one outclass event, one movie, things like that compel me to other pole. Only if Allah wouldn’t have been the greatest of all, I would have had misery forever.

I do love my self as a creation, but I dislike the nothing factor in me. On the 13th day, I learned that I’d be more determined to live up to my promises to Allah. He never backs down, why should I?


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