Ramadan trial day 14

13 Jul


Azan, the prayer call that we, as citizens of a Muslim nation are privileged to hear 5 times a day. It begins with the beautiful sentence that Allah is greatest of all, and ends with an equally insightful line which says that there is no God besides Allah. We know the facts about it, it’s recited from mosques loudly so that people in vicinity could know that it’s prayer time. Unfortunately, this is all we know, and this is all we think we need to know.

I’ve heard that people in Mecca pay utmost respect to Azan, they even quit reading Quran to listen to and respond to the call. Truthfully, we don’t even mute our televisions or even quit chirping for 5 mins to maintain it’s integrity. Most of us won’t even know the timings and care the least about it. It’s similar to ignoring someone who has bestowed countless bounties on us, would we ever do that with humans? No, we would just say it’s socially unethical. Indeed it is. But only because God forgives the sins means that we don’t need to hear his call for Salah? How morally unethical.

So on the 14th day of Ramadan, I have decided to pay utmost respect to the call. To respond to it, to leave behind all my chores when the divine calls me for thankfulness. I hope I’d be able to stick to it!



2 Responses to “Ramadan trial day 14”

  1. Nishat Saleem July 14, 2014 at 12:26 am #

    I love your writings Farwa!
    You got that right that you are a born writer 😛
    Keep it up!

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