Ramadan trial day 15

14 Jul




A few days ago, my mother walked into the TV lounge and told me something unexpected. Someone in her office shared the history of Palestine and mentioned about a curse that an old women who lost his son gave to the land, That the Palestinian land would always crave for blood. That land would never attain peace until the day of judgment.

After hearing what she said, I decided to research about it before commenting anything. Since I am a Gaza supporter, I should have been biased but I decided to learn about the Israeli perspective first. I was shocked to know that the first line which I read said that there is no one like Palestinian, there is no land called Palestine and there heritage and culture is all a myth.

That came as a surprise to me. Not that I believed all of it once but I realized one thing for sure that how important it is to know history. Something which shouldn’t be learned from books, but from our elders, there experience, there stories and authentic authors. We shall utilize that wisdom in orienting ourselves to defend and stand for the right at times. Ignorant one would never be able to say the right thing or do the right thing. Anyone can wash there minds and use them for wrong purposes.

So on the 15th day of Ramadan, I’ve decided not to believe anything which anyone states in front of me, but to research completely before taking a stand. Half information can be dangerous too. Learn history, know history and promote the morals gained from history. It’s there so we don’t repeat our past mistakes, and that’s what we all should note while going through pages. Mistakes, mistakes that drowned us, abolished our castles, demoralized our spirits. Just so our future is equally bright.


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