Ramadan trial day 17

17 Jul




Charity sees the need, not the cause and you certainly don’t need to have a pocket full of dollars to do charity, all you need is a heart.

With different special Ramadan transmissions being aired on TV these days, there have been multiple opinions about it amongst people. A few label it as a waste of time, others hold a view that they’re just there to entertain, and then there is an educated slot which regards this as something unnecessary and waste of time. I have my own opinion about it too, but what I never overlook is the special ‘ Do an act of kindness’ segment, where they call upon people in need, they share their stories, render speechless and help them out, trying to be a remedy for the wound that hurts them.

I don’t know what laceration compels them to vocal out the prick of their lives. It’s not regard-able to be seen live on air, to share your story, to burst into tears and to spread your hands and request for help. But it’s even more terrible to know that they use media as a platform to ask for charity because when they knocked doors, knelt down in front of us, we were too busy enjoying a buffet dinner in Pizza hut. It’s not beastly to enjoy life, and it’s certain that you can’t aid everyone who needs it. But who said charity is all about money? Anything, literally anything that reduces the oozing pain of the victim is charity. A humble conversation, an effort to ask others for help when you can’t, Talking positive, linking them to trusts, providing food, etc. Do anything but throwing them with dishonour. Remember, they are carved with same mud.

It’s healthy to promote the feeling of charity amongst your circles of life. Children can keep a jar where they can add a portion of there pocket money and help people with needs, elders could keep themselves updated with welfare trusts and volunteer for them, we can donate blood for Thalassemia or any emergency situations and above all, Signify that how Islam promotes charity.

I personally know what difference does it make, a family survived because some one knew what charity is.

So on the 17th day of Ramadan, Raise your voice and cheer for volunteers. I’ve learned that I have a heart that loves to give and care for others.

Charity. Peace 🙂



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