Ramadan trial day 18

18 Jul



Ask yourself, Can you observe things without judging? I can’t. How can we acquire all the greatest of the attributes?why should we? In the pursuit of perfectionism.

Everyone honestly knows, If you plan a million, you fulfill a few. So aim for the moon, you’ll fall among the stars.

Coming on to observation, It’s a keen thing to do. No time slot, no equipment , no setting, all you need is eyes and determination. I’ve noticed, actually observed that we do only the profitable deeds in our lives now, those which would reward us in one way or the other. Even an act of kindness is done with the thought of redeeming Jannah. But Observation, it’s done with the exclusion of the thought of yield. Unconsciously, the world fabricates in our lobes of brains and always helps us take sensible decisions and put up sane points on the table.

On my journey from home to school every day, I used to observe the insignificance of routines. While attending conferences and meetings, I used to observe the communication skills of the leading people, While people conversed, I observed what made them sound so elegant, peaceful and worth hearing, while result distributions, I used to notice how people react to there success and failures, I observed the vibrancy of nature when soaked in rain, unconditional love strengthening relationships, evils and tactics and what not.

Cash your senses, you them to explore the world. I have always enjoyed observing the life arround me.

All of it added to how I lead a life today. Observation is the first step in the scientific process. It’s the first step to a complete human too!

So on 18th day of Ramadan, I just learned it’s how I am 🙂



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