Ramadan trial day 19

18 Jul

Hazrat Ali



Hazrat Ali (AS) is a man indescribable. No one can match the wisdom he had even in the blink of an eye. His imperial character, pearl sayings, his uncomplicated life style and his devotedness to Allah makes him one of the best creatures that have ever existed.

All of us know that the world we live in is mortal, and we have to live a life that would never end. Proven by the holy books, Sunnah, statements what not. But how many of us actually act that way? The abhorrence we see is indicative of how adamantly we believe in an end.

It’s impossible to throw light on all aspects on his life, but one of his traits that is glory for me is his approach to ignorants. His silence was always an edged reply, his reciprocation of allegations and his supremacy over his words and anger was commendable. He never shouted, over reacted or unjustly commented extra than needed in a particular scenario. Because again, He believed in trimming roots of Kufr, not the Kafir in the first place. For him, winning hearts was more important than being victorious in a war. His silence turned around hearts of plenty, and they were directed towards Islam, as they found it beautiful and Hazrat Ali’s silence made it more graceful.

You know, it’s easy to zip your lips up when you are speechless or you are not equipped enough to say anything. But with all the reserved power, authority and knowledge, Only people like Hazrat Ali (AS) can prefer silence. As quoted in the history, ‘Salooni’ is what he is!

I want to spend my entire life in striving to be his follower, and the first virtue that I’ll try and learn is to control my anger and acquire silence in response to ignorance.

Time to shed darkness.

19th day of Ramadan, Hazrat Ali (AS) was attacked by Ibn-e-Muljim by a sword while he was offering his Fajar prayers.





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