Ramadan trial day 20

21 Jul




One attribute that makes you wicked at once. Your canines grow sharper, a pair of horns extend and all of a sudden you become a Nazi who pin points elements and passes absurd statements. Right?

Dictionary says that to judge is to form an opinion or conclusion about. You dine out, you judge the restaurant. You watch a movie, you judge the cast and crew, you witness a celebrity wearing a dress, you judge her style sense, when you spot a man with long beard, you judge his Islamic knowledge and practices, when you experience taking a lecture, you judge how the teacher would have been in his/her student life, etc. I know the horizons are broadened. There are things more than that, but In my small little world, this is the ultimate peak.

My point is, How would it feel to be an opinion-less person? Your likes and dislikes, your notions and assessments, they categorize you, define you. They’re parameters which help you decipher your misfits and fits. Justified or not, they drag you to the magic mirror whereby you stand and question yourself. You don’t like party animals, okay, why? what makes you hate them so much? How do you want them to be like? is it all logical? If not, you misjudged. Let’s give it a second chance. Judgements are opinions, they’re not facts. Upon description, offence is seen concentrating, it’s natural, it happens but only if you know that it’s merely an opinion which reserves the probability to be wrong, you’d be polar on that.

What’s sad is building a feeble citadel over your judgements, dragging it all in actions. One should know that we all are crazy in our lonesome way, cracked at edges and we might as well miscalculate stuff. Hormones, blame it all on it if the finger can’t be twitched. lol.

So, on the 20th day of Ramadan, I’ve decided that I would never let my judgements impose hurdles in my practical decisions, but I’d never stop judging some bitsy moments.  Just makes me who I am! 🙂


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