Ramadan trial day 21

22 Jul



Popular way is not always the right way. Being curious has never been in vogue. We accept things very mutely. Things which by no means can be a vending machine for dollars atleast. We don’t pinch and prick unless things  traverses our intentions and dreams,  and every time we do that, we shed a bit of our curiosity in vain.

I remember back in School, we had this wimpy girl in our class who used to ask a lot of questions. One day, she asked our physics teacher that why Newton’s first law is the first and third law is the third. She turned around with a straight face and replied, because first he thought of inertia and then action-reaction. Anyone, but her would have opted for a calm sit-down option at that moment, but she continued and said, ‘ That’s my question, why did he first thought of it?’. The teacher got all bothered and provoked and she ultimately ended up yelling at her and suppressing her in-valid question.

Her answer was simple, things went step by step. Laws of motion, the way they are put up are sequential and satisfies logic as it is. If I say that an apple fell on Newton then according to the third law, Newton should have kicked the apple upwards with the same force. But there is mass, inertia, force and a lot many other parameters. (Sorry for talking a lot of physics here 😀 ) The point is, her questions weren’t valued, her curiosity was ignored and that overthrew her creativity.

Everything in this world lives up to logic. Ask questions, valid, in valid, stupid, intelligent, what so over, just Ask. Satisfy your self and believe with an open heart and mind that creator’s creation is indeed flawless. You’d open new doors, meet new people, discover things and decipher the untouched treasured secrets.

Our spiritual leaders have always laid special stress on curiosity, Hazrat Ali (AS) was given the title of the door of the city of knowledge. People asked him and he was there to satisfy curiosity! That is it my friend, ask, be curious and be yourself at the best.

My lessons for the 21 of Ramadan.


PS – Pray for victims in #Gaza.



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