Ramadan trial day 22

23 Jul



I found solace in that hearsay. Heard such bulletins a lot many times earlier, but this one had it’s own charm. I cleared my first professional BDS examinations with all 4 distinctions. I shrugged my self up, properly this time just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken, but no I wasn’t. 4 distinctions it is!

This post is not about how wonderful I feel, not about the praises that made me feel defined. It’s about that trend in our academic moiety that has been seeding desolation and have culminated into several severe outcomes at times. It’s about how much we value straight As and nose dive the lower ones. It’s about how illogically our potential is measured on  the basis of our mark sheet, and not on the grounds of what knowledge we’ve earned and how productive we can be to the society.

I am no different. You’ll find me in the same array. But this, by no means is correct. Allah has created all of with the same raw material, and the only criteria reserved for primacy is ‘ Taqwa ‘ then who are we to devalue those who aren’t 80s and 90s scorers? They are still humans, they still have self respect. Why do we crush that for grades? All of a sudden a cascade of criticism is directed towards the student and his/her respective family and this has risen to such a high extent that we’re known to cases where students have committed suicides. Is that the goal of our educational society? If someone’s not that loyal to his/her books, be a motivation! help them out. Don’t force students to master fields that make money, ignoring the ones they’re passionate about. Because you only have to use one sense, vibrate your vocal cords a bit, and pass a comment, it’s a student who has to face it, bare it, appear in exams and above all, live up to expectations. Please. I’ve seen creativity and talent giving up due to this mess, we’ve lost gems already and I’m witnessing a lot surrendering these days. If it’s been going on for decades and no one has objected it, doesn’t mean it’s the right practice.

So on the 22 day of Ramadan, I’ve pledged that I won’t deliver demoralizing speeches to anyone due to low grades, in fact, I’ll boost them up. As thankful and grateful I am to the divine, my family, teachers and friends for the amazing result in the first year, I am sure one day, others will feel the same too!  They’re still stars and will always shine. One way or the other!

Think and change!


One Response to “Ramadan trial day 22”

  1. anonymousgirl4 July 24, 2014 at 11:04 am #

    Samra needs to read this!

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