Ramadan trial day 23

23 Jul




As the dusk approaches and your bones crinkle sharing stories of all the tiring work you’ve done all day long, there is merely one trance that accord us peace, Home! we’ll go home, freshen up, have a nice meal, will spend time with our loved ones and finally, we’ll enjoy a serene night sleep. It’s just so comforting. There are so many of us whose shelters have ancestral importance. I’ve often heard of old trees in the garden, swings in the porch and other landmarks of the glorious history our houses have absorbed.

Talking of Internally displaced people, IDPs who are forced to flee from there homes, but are adjusted somewhere within the national boundaries, there is only one question that I ask myself. If I know that I can go back home, it’s possible, how would it feel to live as a refugee within your own country? Awful. How would you feel to be dependent upon aids when you have your own family fields and businesses? Awful again. But if that is the price to be paid for a peaceful Pakistan, I am sure our patriots won’t give up. In this scenario, our responsibility is to make them feel home. We have the same soil, we breathe the same air, we love Pakistan equally then make them feel welcomed, accommodate them in the best of your schedules and help them as much as you can.

IDPs are just labelled, otherwise they’re just like us. This time, sacrifice your expensive Iftar dinner and donate that amount for their welfare, Buy a less posh attire for Eid, and send a quotient to our friends up there, Be a bit more humble, and volunteer your knowledge and skills for the well being of our people. They’re Pakistanis. We own them, we respect them for leaving their homes for our safety, our army, There is not much of gratitude that we can pay, but our devoted financial and moral help for them. Don’t forget them in any of your special prayers and accept them socially with open hearts.

On the 23 day of Ramadan, I’ve decide I’d promote this spirit of helping IDPs as much as I can. Will donate and render all possible services that I can. Because I love my people, very much 🙂


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