Ramadan trial day 25

25 Jul


The more mistakes I make, the more astringent the world becomes to me. The more missteps I take, the more fiercely I am looked down upon, the more snafus disgust my work, the more questions are tagged along my intentions and effort. The question it, Do I commit all of that deliberately?  If yes, it’s not a mistake. If no, then is this how I should be treated?

If someone’s progeny is not as dynamic as the prior generation, blame it all on the values his/her parent’s have transmitted. That’s the first punishment of a mistake. A quotient of it is also true, but not all of it. Parents can take charge of bringing up children with utmost honour and integrity but there are a million other factors summed up as ‘society’ which interacts with a living soul and influences thoughts and approaches. Society might be the culprit, why are parents punished for that?

Secondly, making mistakes won’t make you devils family member. Repeating old mistakes however does. We are pathetic when it comes to dealing with bluffs. Emotionally driven, we sometimes do refrain from punishing our loved ones and at times, we over-punish our dear ones too. At times, sitting back and talking over a mug of coffee is just enough to erase wrong concepts nurtured. Other times, consequences are required too. Plenty people, plenty approaches, but being inclined towards extremities, May it be being too calm or being too violent may disturb the following mind. What concerns me more is what happens next? Once a lair becomes a liar forever. Once a cheat becomes a cheat forever. Where did that formula came from? Do we spare a possibility of correction? Why would we want to correct ourselves when we’ll know that no matter what we’ll always be remembered with the old dishonouring titles?

Give chances, resolve mistakes not with force but with calmness and love at the first stage, observe turning points in peoples lives and appreciate that they had guts to accept and correct themselves.

on the 25th day of Ramadan, I’ve decided not to deposit past records and mistakes of people in a subconscious log book to use it against them one day, but will help them recover and correct them selves.



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