Ramadan trial day 26

27 Jul



Character. A pure, dignified, strong character on a replay is an imperial virtue. In Eastern societies, 18 is an age whereby you qualify to grab your self a national identity card, unlike the western world, we don’t dissociate from our roots, take staunch decisions for ourselves without caring for what our guardians wished and longed for us. The most stressed of all the things we learn while growing up is a beautiful character, and that keeps our strings attached to our roots. I am very proud of it, very very proud. My upbringing reflects itself  in words and actions in accordance, but sadly, I came across people with a contrary case. It was depressing and aching side by side. How can a soul survive if it loses the beauty of it’s character?

Mistakes were made in the past, and were forgiven too. Things were overlooked, chances were given, improvement was observed. But when it came to character, it remained stained. Was it because of the loops in her nurturing? I won’t know, I haven’t been a parent yet but roughly mentioned, yes. Your language, your dealings, your friendships and associations, your values, your existence beautifies your child’s character. If you teach him/her that the beauty lies in keeping your head up high, your feet on ground, your words dense with respect, your gestures loaded with kindness, your heart pure and clean, why would he/she embark on any such journey that makes him/her feel ugly? Even if they do, turning around and looking back makes them feel disowned and they re-grab the lost beauty of character.

But once you begin to mask the wrong doings of your child, give him/her a margin to do anything wrong with your protective shield available,  Justify the dishonours paid to elders if they tried to scold you or correct you on your mistakes, You’re staining a character! Depleting a respectable soul of it’s real breathe. Your home shall teach noble virtues, qualities which the divine would like to see instilled in it’s creations, sculpture pure characters and forgiveness.

On 26th of Ramadan, I’ve decided to be more protective of of my character. To be more possessive about my family’s pride and to be a daughter who has always kept her Parents proud.




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