Ramadan trial day 27

27 Jul

Say it aloud, Pakistan Zindabad!





I won’t mind if my birthday isn’t celebrated, but days like 27th of Ramadan and 14th of August shall never lose it’s vibrancy. For people who point fingers so as to why do we celebrate the independence of a land which has unleashed new doors of corruption and turmoil? talk to the very few aged legend survivors who participated in the freedom movement. My father told me about an article in Hindustan times about a Muslim chef who didn’t cook up to the mark food for Indian officials staying in a hotel or circuit house and they displayed utmost disrespect by shoving a piece of bread in his mouth, thereby breaking his fast. This is just one story out of plenty to count, may it be beating up a student in university, mass massacre in Gujrat and what not, All of it just drags my forehead to the grain in ground and with gratefulness I say, Alhamdullillah for Pakistan.

As a Pakistani, I take full responsibility of a corrupt society that is falling deep in darkness day by day, I won’t deny the incompetence of our democratic system and won’t ask the world to have faith on us because we’ve lost it a million times before. But I myself would always be proud of a prosperous dream that is striving to survive in my eyes, that bleak margin of improvement and justice that is still there in the hearts of mute, Our charity, our freedom, our speech, our language, our identity, and above all, our true spirit that one day, we’d be successful in erasing the stain of terrorism and corruption from our flag. Clean and high it would fly, and there I would be, saluting the journey of a nation that survived decades of evils. That day, If I’d be alive, I’ll celebrate like a re-birthing soul, I’ll hug my flag like a child who found his lost mother, I’ll breathe with pride again!

No justifications for any misdeeds here. Yes we have committed crimes and mistakes, and I can’t say about others but I have a realization inside me that all of it needs to stop, and for that I am trying my level best to acquire the most meaningful of education to educate a society. That’s the least and the most that I can do.

Pakistan Zindabad, keep the green flag in your prayers.

PS – Pray for Gaza.




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