Ramadan trial day 28

29 Jul



As tardy as I might be in putting up the last few posts of this trial project, I would miss writing for myself and this holy month as it swept my conscience deeply. You know, we’re always aware of our intentions and thoughts, but since our ears don’t get to hear much of ourselves, we miss out on the tone of our lives.

Ramadan came to an end, this time, it flew by!  Now our Qurans would be covered with veils, our mosques would seek for muslims, our houses would crave for iftar specific cuisines, out televisions would miss the transmission programs and several other shifts I am missing out on. It’s merely one month, one month whereby we wash and wipe out our regrets and sins just to re-enter the world with the same old adamant faith that we won’t deviate from the right track this time, this time it’s going to be different! But humans by creation are flawful you know. No one breaks promises as carelessly as we do.

But I’d still say, no regrets. As long as I kept the old tradition of  lightening up my house with cherished Islamic values alive, I won’t regret anything. I might have let go of this month as a much laureate festival that comes and passes by every year, but if I didn’t skipped on charity, compassion and knowledge, there is nothing to be regretful about. You know, my pioneers have always taught me one thing, You always raise your hands or bow down in front of Allah to ask for determination and strength to do better next time, because nothing like best exists unless Allah wants you to reach those highs. Best is reserved for Allah.

So on the 28th of Ramadan, I lifted up my hands to ask  for more enlightenment and guidance, because next year, If I stay alive, I’d like to do more justice with the spirit of this month!












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