Ramadan trial day 29

29 Jul



The last post of this trial project. Feels like I am detaching from an endeared bond. Looking back and reading my prior posts again and again, reminding my self that I’ve given myself an enriched preserved present.

Today, It’s my past that conquered every tiny second of the day. It’s been years since my grand father passed away and it was this day when his soul departed to the eternal world.  Leaving behind grains of memories. Moments that happened and didn’t happened completely.

As blur as it might be, He’d still be an epitome of the king of the house for me. The staunchness in his voice, the adamancy of his decisions, the respect of his words, Who else but a grand father gets all that. Today, years after he has left us, we remember him and his set traditions altogether, one weak thread that ties us. It’s not a mournful rustling, nor an internal rumour, but a treasured memoir that we open up, witness and feel with pleasure.

It’s hard to connect, I know. But this post, the last post of this trial project is reserved completely for me. But there is one last point I’d like to make to conclude this post as well as this project, Don’t let go of your heritage if the keepers leave by. If your elders made sure that the family meets up on every sunday, make sure you do even when they’re not around. If they guided you to do charity every month, make calls on birthdays and events, congratulate each other on success and boost up morals on failures, Do that no matter what! Because if you’d be lucky enough to live longer and be grand parents your self, you’d love your family be that way too!

So, on the 29th of Ramadan, I wave my good bye to those versatile 28 days of this sacred month, it’s spirits and lights. It’s been different for me this year. Lost a lot many things, gained a lot to equalize too. Got to know myself better and others to a larger extent. Would like to be grateful to the divine for the determination I seeked and followed till the last sentence of this post. And every one who encouraged me every day to keep going!

Prayers for Gaza, Iraq, Syria and humanity!

Happy Eid everyone.

Thank you 🙂



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