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17 Sep

16th September 2014. My Salma phopho died.

As monotonous and lucid as it may sound, It’s a wound that would never heal. I would never cure and rise. I would never be the same woman I use to be before hearing this news. I lost my mother. I lost a women who use to stand by my door staring at me when I used to fell sick. I lost a women who cooked me whatever I craved for, even at midnight. I lost a women who use to store newspaper cuttings of sayings of Hazrat Ali (AS) and showed me every time I visited, I lost a women who always use to bring me close to Allah, I lost a women who brought me up, helped me survive through my injuries, bragged about how mature and extra-ordinary I was, She was someone I use to specially call and asked to pray because I knew Allah listened to her, She was someone who was there for everyone, except her self. I lost my world. I lost everything.

Death separated me from her physical scent. But I can sense her around me. Her presence, her smiling face, her crying face, I can hear her voice, she is here, with me, But I can’t feel her, I can’t tell her that I loved her. I loved her very much. I am ready to die instead, just to bring her back. But rules, Allah’s rules. Nature’s rules.

It’s the hugest separation that I ever endured. The last time when I saw her before she was buried, she was smiling. And that’s the only strengthening stance that I am glad about. She experienced a peaceful death. She is in a better and a beautiful place. I don’t know what I am going to do without her, this vacuum will last forever.

I miss you phopho. I miss you very much. May Allah grant you a place in Jannah. That’s what you deserve.


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