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A new chapter

14 Oct

And it’s an usual knock on the door, the kind you run to reach out for, the kind that lightens the lantern inside you, the kind that seems like a much awaited end and even more awaited beginning. Such an amorphous feeling. Stale and undefined.

But then, there is a void of characters in this wing. The amiable ones which completed the story. One’s which use to shine in the darkest of all topics, lending the vital prop, pushing away the curt end. They were important, guess that’s why they aren’t here with me today to hear this new murmur. I am okay without them, just incomplete. And that’s fair play.

In this new chapter, I’ll invest undeniable spirits of care and love, There’ll be a choir which would sing to please hearts and sprinkle happiness, a villain-less chapter. A writing, devoid of selfishness. collection that will crown each relationship like royal queens. I am very positive about this. And I am glad that it’s right here, round the corner.


I pray this one to be the best of all my life has to go through. Thank you Allah. Can’t be more grateful.


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