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Will Grayson, Will Grayson

10 Nov

A light read.

No more hiding

Recently I read the book Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and       David Levithan. I’ll take a moment and express my enthusiasm for John Green’s books and mention how awfully addictive and wonderful they are but a collaboration between two of the best writers writing today is something as glorious as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for chocoholics as it is for bookworms.

Basically the book revolves around two teenage boys, both named William Grayson, and how their lives cross paths and the aftereffects of it. Told from a dual perspective, this book is not only about their lives but also about the hardships of being different from others, teenage angst and struggling to fit in. One Will Grayson is depressed and lonely while the other is trying to make better decisions in the hopes of finding himself and pleasing people around him. The main feature of John…

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The dimmed candle.

2 Nov

Nabeeha Chaudhary.


While I rested on the couch, switching the TV channels in quest of something worthy to watch, an aggressive news, intimidated by the usual hyped up journalism flashed on screen,

A CSP officer, Nabeeha Chaudhary put herself on fire and committed suicide.

Motionless for a second, sub-consciously, I felt a possibility growing. I shrugged my shoulders off, and ruled out the possibility. A toned, defined, motive-ful, spiritually strong, and a successful women with successes laid down along her footsteps just couldn’t fit in the suicide box. The irresponsible journalism by media groups, specially about her late father, her mother and most of all about her transparent character convinced me to mark a red cross over the thought that it could be the same lady which we knew. She just couldn’t be Nabeeha.

But the prospective details confirmed that it was her. Helpless in the state of shock, reiteration of the familiar phrases, the grief deepened, I thought of my teacher instantly (Nabeeha’s mother) and before I could think of anything substantial, The initial police reports were being aired on TV.

It took them 2 minutes to stain a character of a lady who was nurtured in a family of values, her spirituality was always her strength. One fine women, who was so ambitious and extra-ordinary that she aced all her exams in which she appeared. An Engineer, a CSP officer, A masters from England, an activist, a social worker and all what she wanted was a better Pakistan.  ‘ Better Pakistan ‘ was her passion, she never quietened herself against the popular wrongs and odds, enlightening the people around, she always spoke up against corrupt practices, against blindness, against social evils. 

How many of us actually dream of studying abroad, in higher universities, gathering opportunities and fame? All of us indeed. Too fancy of an aspiration to let go off. But this lady, she wanted everything for Pakistan. Reaching the outskirts and opening schools for the out-of-school children, looking after it, raising funds for it, establishing student welfare societies in institutions, and yet endorsing simplicity. Carving her actions in accordance with the principles of Islam and Sunnah, she never preferred a lavish life for herself. Is this how our country would regard our lost assets?

It’s Shameful, utterly shameful. Have we ever thought what her mother and sister would be going through? She wasn’t an ordinary daughter, she was a kind which shone in the darkest of the woods, and now when she is gone, Is there any thing more our police could do to agonize the sore wound? She deserved a proper, detailed, comprehensive investigation. They should have talked to every one she communicated with, should have interacted with her teachers and colleagues, they didn’t. How long will the brutal legacy continue? Our candles are dimming, our assets are loosing hope, who would come forward to lend us a hand when this is how we’d reward them afterwards? All of a sudden, I have started to loose hope in this country.

It aches real bad. There could be no other Nabeeha Chaudhary for Pakistan. One more candle dimmed, what are we waiting for? One more to go off soon? Only if you have known her a bit, you’d know our pain. This country owes a lot to her, and now, it’s our responsibility to rise, speak and spread her voice to the narrowest of the corners. We’ll have to get her justice!

She has been detached from us physically, but her being is still around in the form of her rendered services for Pakistan. She is our pride. May her soul rest in peace.


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