27 Feb

Things run parallel in life. Hatred, with an inch of love. Failure, with a touch of success and likewise, plenty opposite virtues tend to streak along, as we stroll around the edges, closing and opening new chapters. Life goes on, the niche stands.

What’s immensely amazing is how we brew ourselves as we approach the poles of change. Our transitions from teenage to adulthood, from colleges and schools to universities, promotions in our relationships, new jobs, surrendering and losing a life in the face of death, acceptance and denial, all these latitudes seek for flexibility in one’s virtues and personality, and surprisingly, it’s not a different  ‘one’ confronting these phases of life, it’s just one US with the art and science of blending in.

It has it’s unique solitary flavor. Exploring new opportunities to learn and embrace our 24 hours distributed with equity to mankind. The swift mutation in our perspectives, our routines, likes and dislikes, they don’t set reminders. No bells ring, and we don’t get to know that we’re changing, blending. Rules are not beautiful, this one is an exception.

Some people call it a compromise. I’d say, it’s just mixing.

Happy Blending.


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